September 25th, 2005

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Shining Example of Gay Priest

The NY Times did a really great job framing the whole gay Catholic priest issue:

Admirers of Fallen 9/11 Hero Disdain the Vatican's Likely Plan to Bar Gays as Priests
The New York Times
September 25, 2005

The Rev. Mychal F. Judge, the Fire Department chaplain who died in the rubble of 9/11, was, and still is, one of the most widely loved Roman Catholic priests in New York City's recent history.

For 40 years, Father Judge tirelessly ministered to firefighters, their grieving widows, AIDS patients, homeless people, Flight 800 victims' families and countless others. At his funeral, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani called him a saint, a sentiment that admirers have followed up by campaigning for his canonization. A simple prayer that Father Judge wrote has been circulated around the world and attached to thousands of donations to the needy. Pope John Paul II accepted the gift of his helmet.

Father Judge was also, according to many of his friends of all sexual orientations, a homosexual. A celibate homosexual, he told friends, but a homosexual nonetheless. And reports last week that the Vatican is likely to try to bar gay men, even celibate ones, from the priesthood stirred anger among those who revere his memory.

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Vermont Pic Extravaganza #1 -- The Yard

I still haven't shared most my pictures from my recent trip. I took over 200! One place I took an especially large number of pics was the family home, in particular the yard. Basically there's a very "vernacular" house with a number of outbuildings and then piles of "stuff" all over the yard, plus somewhere around 15 vehicles, only a few of which actually work. It's all very photogenic, really. So here I go...

The house, as seen by the shed at the back of the property

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I'll be posting more pictures as time goes on. Don't want to do TOO many at once.
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Upset kitty tummy

I was just taking some pictures of Luckie posed on the bed and thinking, "Wow, she's such a little model!" Afterward I went into the other room, where she proved me right by going into the bathroom and puking up about a bowl's worth of food. A true model!

Poor girl. Her appetite has been off the last day or so. Yesterday she didn't like the little bit of wet food I mixed in with her regular food and she wouldn't eat any cat treats, just not interested. Hopefully the puking solves whatever was bugging her little tummy. I have a vet appointment tomorrow anyway (shots) so I will mention it I guess.

The funniest thing about this all? Right before she puked, she ran around and around crying "Wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow!" Does that mean "I'm gonna be sick!" in Cattish?
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Zoo Update

Luckie seems to be recovering from the puking episode. For a few hours she wouldn't eat anything but finally I got her to eat some wet food and then some dry food. Then she started playing and getting more active again, so she must be feeling better. Tomorrow I take her to West End for another vaccination shot and weigh-in.

The piggies are fine. Abbie's eyes looks normal again, no more swelling or yucky pink stuff. The only lingering effect of the injury she had (from a blade of hay!) is that it appears the corner of the cornea seems to have gotten scraped. I think that stupid hay was in her eye a few days and she kept blinking so much it actually dug a hole in her eye! While I think this probably creates a risk for her getting scar tissue on her eye, I don't think there is anything that can be done for it so I haven't gone to my vet about it.

The birds have been -- oddly -- quite a bit more active and vocal ever since I've had Luckie, a whole month now. They don't really seem stressed out by her; in fact they seem more relaxed!