September 26th, 2005

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'nother trip scheduled

Caleb called Air France today and was able to set up our tickets for Italy this winter. Using those vouchers we got during our last trip (for volunteering for the next day's flight) we're managing to basically go at no cost! We'll be in Italy around nine days, staying with Dagmar again. Caleb will be going off on some side trips, including one to Rome.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Kitty help

I think Luckie is a little sick at the moment but having never had a cat, not sure if I should be concerned.

It started Saturday when I noticed she hadn't cleaned out her food bowl, which is unsusal -- she's normally a pig. In the afternoon I gave her a tablespoon of wet canned food, since she normally wolfs that down, but she only had a bit and walked away. I gave her more of it later but again, she didn't seem to like it. She also left the dry food alone, only eating a couple bits of it.

Sunday it was the same; she wasn't eating the dry food and when I gave her some wet food, she'd eat a little bit and then get tired of it. She actually just licked off all the gravy but mostly just toyed with the actual meat. Then came the bit where I took pictures of her, after which she went to the bathroom and barfed up what little food she'd eaten in the past 24 hours. It was a lot of liquid. After that she drank a bit but still didn't eat much.

Today it's been more of the same. The food bowl has a lot of dry food in it but she's only nibbling it. Previously she was eating a whole bowl a day but now it just stays the same level. I put out fresh canned food just to give her something she'd eat, but she just licks it and leaves the meat alone. She hasn't thrown up again, so that's good news. I also got her to eat *one* Pounce cat treat, better than yesterday when she wouldn't eat any.

I had a vet appt. for her today anyway, for her second vaccination and deworming, and so I told the vet about things. She didn't seem concerned, just said Luckie probably swallowed a bug or else ate something that's bothering her stomach. Luckie is acting the same really, still playing, lounging around, although I guess she is sleeping a bit more, which isn't surprising since she's not eating very much.