September 27th, 2005

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Luckie seems much better today, got her pepper back. Of course this means she was jumping on my face all night and is having a mega spazz attack this morning, but hey... long as she is better. He he.
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Vermont Pic Extravaganza #3 -- Bennington

Yes, I have MORE pictures! These are all shots taken in Bennington, the town just north of Caleb's hometown of Pownal. Bennington is where his grandparents live, his mom works, and they do a lot of their shopping, since Pownal is tiny and has basically no stores. Anyway, think of this is a little peek into Vermont.

Downtown Bennington, Vermont.
We visited during "Moosefest," an extended exhibition of decorated moose.
They were actually very cool and with 57 of them, *everywhere*.

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Town wiped off the map

On NPR's "Morning Edition" today, there was a piece on the first people back to check on Cameron Parish from the ground. A few of the people coming in as clean-up helpers were long-time residents and what they saw devastated them: The entire parish and town of Cameron is basically entirely GONE. From the air it had looked as though some houses were still standing, but on the ground they realized it was just floating roofs or houses that had floated clear off their foundations. Every single building is wrecked. I really can't think how such a place can ever come back.

Hear the report here.

On a related note, madame_mercredi forwarded me a PowerPoint slideshow of pictures from New Orleans, accompanied by the Animals' version of "House of the Rising Sun." Even though I have read descriptions and seen pictures ad nauseum, I was still blown away, and again, my sense of optimism was pretty much smashed. When New Orleans comes back, it will be a city that's a lot smaller and a lot different.
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This list is probably only interesting to frequent air travelers, but even so, I wanted to share the results of a discussion I had with Caleb about good and bad airports.

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I've been to a few more airports, but either only for transfers or too long ago to judge. Example: all I remember about the Duluth, Minnesota airport is that people were really nice and they had pinball machines :) I also had a stopover in Heathrow that was HIDEOUS but mainly because it was 8 hours and I was all alone and had no English currency.

Back to the list, Caleb says he thinks LaGuardia is worse than Logan, but I've only been to LaGuardia once and while my experience was BAD (hot, messy, disgusting, hard to navigate) and I've been to Logan many, MANY times. I guess not ALL of Logan is bad, but overall it is not somewhere you'd want to get stuck, lost in, or be in a hurry to navigate.