September 28th, 2005

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This 'n That

Time to play catch up...

1. Overseas tix for almost nothing
Caleb and I went to the airport tonight to officially get our tickets to Italy. We had our reservations but there was the matter of actually turning in our vouchers and paying, which we had to do in person. With the vouchers, we wound up paying only $24 & change per ticket. I am *so* glad we volunteered to get bumped! The Air France customer service woman was like, "Wow, these tickets are even cheaper than what WE pay!"

2. Kitty all better, just spoiled.
Luckie is back to normal. I think she really was a bit ill... that and she was just SPOILED and not wanting to eat her regular food. Today she kept coming up to me and looking sad. I'd say, "What do you say, Luckie?" and she'd meow. I'd say, "What do you want?" and she'd scamper over to the kitchen and look at her bowl. So I say, "Well, I see your food there. That's it. Nothing special." She then flops on the carpet and looks sad again. I swear that cat is like a tiny little person who just can't speak English. She won't be getting any special meaty wet food 'til Sunday, her little brunch.

3. Web work
Aside from the fact I have like 5 projects right now (too much work stresses me), things are good. I've finished Caleb's company site and right now am waiting on time to be able to present to the partners to get final edits and comments. At the moment I'm in the middle of doing a site for Caleb's condo community. Next I have a job for a stonemason, then one for a community planning center, then one for a pharmaceutical industry recruiter. I'm not really getting checks in right now but I *will* be.

4. Too busy
My schedule has been too crammed lately. I've been planning to dye my hair since Saturday but other things keep getting in the way. When you can't find time to dye your hair, something is wrong with your time management.

5. Speaking of busy...
This morning I got up early so I could go to Caleb's office and work. He needed me to proofread some design standards formatted in Adobe InDesign, which I don't have. Took me two hours. I get paid $45/hr. for that though, which is reason enough to wake up early.

Tomorrow I don't have to wake up early, but I'm tiring now so good night.
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West Virginian speaks

"Marketplace" is doing a series on a subject the show normally doens't talk about: poverty. Today's piece was a commentary by a woman from West Virginia. I especially appreciated her comments on tax breaks given to Wal-Mart, like a 50-year tax waiver, just so poor people will have jobs, because there are no other options but working there. Also, the bit about a gov't funded program that educated people on using deodorant and makeup.

Poverty Serves The Man