October 1st, 2005

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Vermont Pic Extravaganza #3 -- Garage & Basement

I still have more Vermont pictures. Really.

This set is mainly pictures from Caleb's dad's garage. (Also, Caleb's dad's mess in the basement.) I say "Caleb's dad's," and not "Caleb's parents'" because the mess is solely his dad's fault. Which, once you see what I'm talking about, you'll realize is an important distinction! I'd hate to blame this on his mom.

It looks perhaps innocent enough on the outside...

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I haven't done much writing this year :( Back in February I worked on editing my novel while I was at Storm's but I still haven't gotten beyond those first four chapters and the appendices. I've written three or four short stories and some poetry for Outworlders. Haven't written any Wraeththu fan fic, I don't think, which completely sucks. I have ideas, some quite detailed, for all sorts of things, but I can't seem to get started -- can't decide what to do.

Anyway, I put it to you folk: What should I work on? Options are:

- Original SF novel; been working on it 3 years now?
- Wraeththu novella, expansion of "Angry City" into something much longer.
- Wraeththu novella/story showing Galhea's side of things during time period of Ghosts, with Cobweb, Snake, Moon, Tyson, etc.
- Other original stories.

I think I should work on the novel, although it's the hardest of the options. But in the end, all want to do is get something DONE that's substantial, with me as sole author, that I feel proud of.
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Following up on a conversation I had this afternoon, I did a web search for "crossdresser shoes Atlanta," i.e. stores in Atalnta that sell large women's shoes, and discovered that that there's a shop that sells women's shoes 7-13 like BLOCKS from here! I SCREAMED when I learned this!

I knew that Friedman's was famous for large shoes for men, particularly basketball players, but I never thought about women's shoes. Just checked on their web site and there are alll these nice shoes that are in MY SIZE. Like when I search on dress shoes, there are 214 shoes that come up and they all come in my size. (Some of them are not available UNDER size 11!) At DSW they have like 30,000 pairs of shoes and none in my size, and I've found large size shoes online before but I won't order them without trying them on.

I know there are probably far fewer shoes in stock than are on the web site, but still, I am so going down there. It is literally like five minutes from here -- and has been for the past 7 years I've lived here. I've gone shopping right in that area, on South Peachtree, but missed this shop somehow, even though I've seen the ads all over.

Jeez, if only I'd found out about this back when I was a lot richer. Because these aren't cheap shoes -- about the same price as the ones I've been forced to buy at Marmi and Nordstrom because nobody sells my size. Ah! But if I find some Dream Shoes, I will get them.

P.S. And here are some of my favorite shoes on there:
Red and black Van Elis
J Renee fuscia modern pattern shoes
gorgeous J Renee "Lotus" shoes
Jessica Bennett leopard print shoes
Na Na "Ann" shoes (black version)
Moda "Manda" shoes (black version)
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Cheap toys rock, for people and pets

I am still so excited about this afternoon and then the shoes!

* bounce bounce bounce *


Meanwhile Luckie has decided that the $3 aluminum soda can toy I got at Mingei is the most fascinating toy ever. Mind you, she can't operate it on her own, as it's a people-operated toy, similar to a gyroscope, but when I run it, she is utterly fascinated. Actually the first time she ran off in fright, but just now I showed it to her again, and she got that "WHAT is THAT?" expression on her. Then she studied it for a while, then she stuck her paw in it to stop it. Then she started trying to sniff it while in motion and getting whopped on the nose but not caring. Then she started biting the wire, the biting the rings, then biting the end, then trying to kill that damn toy! LOL.

And now since I put down that toy, she's happily chasing around the tissue paper they wrapped it in at the store.