October 3rd, 2005

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Luckie update

You know how toddlers do that thing where they can't stop a certain bad behavior? Often it's because they're bored or want attention. Well, "toddler" Luckie is driving me nuts, constantly going after the other animals. Well, not really going *after* them, but getting in/on/next to their cages. She doesn't actually *do* anything, she just gets too close to them. I swear, every few minutes I have to go in the next room to check on her, since I *always* know when she's up to something. Today I've found her lounging in the pigs' cage three times and over by the birds like six times. Almost as soon as she sees me round the corner she hops out, although a few times today I manage to sneak up and get her with the water squirter. (And does she *hate* that!) With the pigs, I can put the protective screen over the cage, but it's *usually* not necessary. With the birds I can't do much, but at least they usually make unhappy noises when she goes over there. I may just take Luckie into this side of the apartment and hope her fixation ends.


Meanwhile I've been thinking about Luckie's personality and have determined one neat thing about her is how she doesn't do a lot of regular cat type things.

- Not a lap cat. Prefers to be *next* to person or on same couch.
- Doesn't sleep much, except in very short spans. I take more naps!
- OK walking on a leash.
- Hardly ever scratches stuff, more into chasing stuff.

Another plus is that she barely sheds, but perhaps it's only because she's a kitten. She's a shorthair too. Abbie sheds much, much more than she does, with her 3-4 in. plumes of "mullet." Right now my bathroom has dozens of Abbie hairs on it but only one kitten hair I can find, and I pick up Luckie a lot more.

One othe cute personality quirk is that every morning she comes and watches me take a shower. As soon as I get in the shower stall, she appears and take up a spot to observe. When the water goes off, she comes up to the door, because it's "her turn." I prop open the door and she goes in the stall and laps up the water on the rim of the stall. She often wanders around in the stall too, exploring. Her feet get all wet but othre than she she is content.