October 6th, 2005

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Quizzing Quizno's Experience

You know when you go to a store or restaurant at the wrong time... or maybe the wrong DAY?

Just went to Quizno's and I swear it was like an SNL skit. First I waited about 10 minutes to place my order, despite there only being two people in front of me. Reason? The sandwich-maker had no idea what he was doing. Like it was his first day, only he hadn't been trained. Finally his boss took over, which had its own difficulties since the sandwich-maker was African and the boss was Chinese and they only marginally understood one another. So the boss has to make over one person's sub, then slowwwwwly makes the next one, then makes mine. He's the boss so naturally he's slower than the regular person. Oh, and in the background we had people dropping stuff, supplies running out, his Mexican coworker staring over his shoulder.

Just when I finally got my order in -- a veggie sub -- the boss asks me if I'm a vegetarian. He smiles and nods and I think, "Great, he's probably one too." But no! He goes on about how he tried to be one but couldn't, so he admires me. "Healthier, eh?" I agreed, then said it was cheapier. He didn't agree. Then he went on telling me ten other reasons being a vegetarian is a pain. Okaaaaaaaaaaaay... Let me just say, it's not a good idea to lecture your customers on their eating choices.
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Today I finished another web site. That makes three sites in three weeks. None of them are online in their final spots yet, but the main work is done. Next week I'm doing another one!

Yay me. Considering how often I tend to spend my afternoons sleeping, I'm impressed.

ADDNEDUM: Just got an email from the client, subject "Pardon my language." I was worried, but then I opened the email: "But, holy shit! It's beautiful!" Another happy client...
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Irresponsible Pet Owner

I forgot to mention this JERK who came by the mobile adoption bus yesterday!

I was leaning against the building with a dog while Kristen talked to this guy who came up. They were 15-20 ft. away so I only half-heard the conversation at the time, but what I heard sounded rather freaky. Especially when I heard the phrase "toss 'em out in in a gunney sack." After the guy went away, I got up to find out what had been said. Kristen was standing there stunned, going, "I can't believe that guy. I cannot believe it! Did you hear what he said?!"

Here is the conversation, reconstructed:

Jerk: I was wondering, do you take puppies?
Kristen: Well, we do have puppies in our shelter.
Jerk: The reason I ask is, I have puppies and the last litter was really hard to get rid of.
Kristen: If the puppies are unwanted but healthy, we can take them.
Jerk: Will you pay me for them?
Kristen: Um... Well, no of course we don't pay.
Jerk: What about a tax deduction?
Kristen: Not on animals, only on things like food or supplies.
Jerk: Oh. 'Cause the last litter took a long time to sell.
Kristen: So you have a litter now?
Jerk: No, but I will.
Kristen: Oh, your dog is pregnant?
Jerk: I'm breeding her again.
Kristen: But if you can't keep the puppies and it's hard to sell them, why are you breeding her?
Jerk: Oh, she likes it!
Kristen: But she's had two litters. You should get her spayed.
Jerk: Oh, NO! That's not natural! It's cruel!
Kristen: So you want to make her have litter after litter?
Jerk: Yeah. I just wish it was easier to get rid of the puppies.
Kristen: Well, then you should be a responsible pet owner and get her spayed!
Jerk: No way! That's cruel and not how God made her.
Kristen: Well, then I guess you have to deal with the puppies.
Jerk: Why is it so hard? Where used to live, in Missouri, we used to just put them in a gunney sack and toss them in the pond.
Kristen: ...

I would almost post this under mock_the_stupid but a) it's not exactly "funny" and b) I'm sure somebody would agree with that guy.
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No Nap

I did NOT have a nap today, despite being home all day.

I *did* stay in bed from 8 to 10 refusing to get up despite sun shining me, but I wasn't asleep.

I *almost* went to bed around 4 when I finished that web site, but I had to go to the post office.

Tomorrow I have meetings and errands outside the house, so I can avoid napping again.