October 8th, 2005

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Ack! Get outta my screen!

God, this kitten is TOO curious sometimes. She is currently exploring any and all options available to climb up on the desk so she can attack the mouse pointer. I keep pulling her off and putting her down but now that she knows it's there, she HAS to get at it.

Wait, wait, she just left...

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Couldn't sleep...

...and it was 6 a.m. and what thought wasracing through my mind?

Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher) was the choreographer for Labyrinth.

Over and over and over!
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LJ Friends Quiz

Yes, I really do read people's LJs. Either that or I have a mind like a trap and am a speedreader... :)

I took a 49-question quiz (1 for each friend) and got only 6 wrong. 93%! Granted, the test uses the latest entry for each person, but still...
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Good weather has begun!

I'm so excited about the weather. Finally (at least for now!) the yucky summer weather has ended. Right now it's only 59 out! The high is projected to be in the low 70s. With drizzly rain! Oh, thank you, thank you! It was still way too hot in September. Now I'm going outside and feeling... cool!

This being Atlanta, it could go up to like 90 on Monday, who knows...
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Adoption Training

Today I finally had my adoption training -- twice delayed -- at Atlanta Humane Society.

I thought it would be fun but it turned out stressing me out, solely because the woman in charge of the training set my teeth on edge practically the second I met her. Just everything she said and how she said it got on my nerves, especially when she was talking about how to handle animals and giving me info that was contrary to what I know and contrary to what, say, the director of mobile adoptions does. She was also super fussy, likely one of those ultra over-protective pet owners who start wars on online pet forums, accusing everybody of animal abuse, not being good enough to have pets, etc. I'd get in a flame war with her in a minute! Oh, and she was a total dyke and unfortunately the type of dyke I tend not to get along with. Bah!

Anyway, I least I did the training finally so I can volunteer at the shelter. I'm sure I'll do fine, long as I don't see that woman. Got my apron, did learned some things I didn't know, and afterward visited with some guinea pigs (link to post on guinea_pigs). I wuv de wittle ginny pigz!
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Caleb's world

Caleb just made one of his (rare) LJ posts, this time talking about his 4 days in the "ghetto". He does good work and I think it's great when he gets to work with people who really, really NEED help. His people skills are great, to the point the old black women love him and old black men discuss racial issues with him.
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Pet preferences

Since starting animal adoption work at the humane society, I've been spending more and more time with dogs and cats -- and the people looking to adopt them.

Some of the preferences of potential adopters make me reflect of my own preferences. For example, it seems like most people who come looking for a dog at the adoption bus are looking for either a puppy or a small dog. And, so, I've heard several shelter staff say, most people looking for cats want kittens. It seems like an animal is considered "older" if it's over a year.

Now personally, I have no interest whatsoever in puppies and strongly prefer older dogs. Older, bigger dogs. Not only do I have the experience of my Taffy guiding me, but lots of other experiences to tell me that big, older dogs are way more suited to me. At least with proper training, they send to be calm, don't yap and don't jump all over everything. Sure, I like dogs to be able to go on walks, run, fetch, but a dog that just kind likes to "hang out" without having to investigate everything is more my taste. I think the fact I'm a big person makes me more inclined to big dogs, too. Many people, especialy women, say big dogs are too hard to handle or are scary. I've handled dogs over 100 lbs. and it's not a big deal to me because I vastly outweigh them and I know how to handle them. Ergo, not scary.

As for cats, it's true I have a kitten, but that was a fateful accident. I had been planning to get a cat in future but I was thinking about a cat like 5-6 years old. Or even older. Mellow cats are fine with me. Hyper little Luckie is wonderful, but if I had to choose, a big mellow, old cat who just likes to lie on you, catch sun and purrs a lot is a great pet. I really don't understand why somebody wouldn't want to adopt an "older" cat. Do they feel cheated because they'll have fewer years together? That's sad. I like old cats a lot (even Storm & Jim's Tubsie, since deceased). And BIG cats are awesome too, example being Daniel's Maine Coon cat Pugsley and some of the 20-lb. cats I've dealt with in the adoption bus.

Ah, well, no judgements here, just some thoughts. Apparently I want to someday run an old folks home for dogs and cats. Maybe old guinea pigs too!


On a related note, I'm cleaning the living room and have a dog show on TV. Looking at the various breed grouops, I've decided once again I don't like terriers. I find them devilish. I mean, yes, I get on with all dogs, could play with them, but they turn me off. A lot of them seem to be really ugly. I like the herding and working dogs.