October 9th, 2005

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Sign I have some body fat :)

Just took a long, soaking bath.

The shape and softness of my lower back forms such a perfect, concave depression that when I sit up straight in the bathtub, I get stuck to the tub wall like a giant suction cup. Ow! I was actually quite hard for me to get unstuck. I now feel like I have a foot-wide hickey, although I don't see a mark.

On a related note, did anybody as a kid (or grownup) like to soap up the bathtub after a bath and slide up and down, pressing against the tub to make amazingly large "fart" sounds? My bathtub in my previous condo was perfect for this and it made me laugh and laugh.

But getting STUCK to your bathtub is just embarrassing.

(I've also been stuck IN the bathtub, but that was because there was another fat-laden, curvaceous person in there with me and the bath and there was very little water, owing to our combined volumes, he he.)
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