October 10th, 2005

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Fav Dogs

My favorite dog breeds:

Alaskan Malamute
Australian Shepherd
Basset Hound
Cocker Spaniel
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
St. Bernard
Swiss Mountain Dog

(There are a few smallish dogs on there, see?)

There's also this dog I've seen many times in Germany, very popular, but don't know the name of. I just went through a whole dog reference site trying to find it but I can't. It's a big dog, generally black with kind of shaggy medium-length fur and often some white markings on the chest. They are very friendly and lovable. I rarely ever see them in the U.S. and I don't know what they are called in English or German. It's similar to a Swiss Mountain Dog but it's not the same, I don't think.

And of course: MUTTS! Who are in general healthier and I've often noticed, smarter.
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The War on Science

While waiting for my mail to download, I just read a GREAT interview with the author of a new book, The Republican War on Science, that offers some great insight on exactly what is happening with the Bush administration and it's systematic attack on science.

Junking Science

Among other things, the author explains how the elimination of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) in the mid-90s has caused arguments in Congress to degrade to "my science / your science" fights. The OTA was created in the 70s as a deparmtment that would study science for Congress and present "scientific consensus" on issues, based on looking at studies from the mainstream scientific community. Without the OTA, scientific consensus is left out of the picture and conservatives go to town basically presenting their opinions or freak studies from think tanks or stuff that's nowhere in the mainstream consensus. A meanwhile the non-conservatives don't have the OTA's help either, so they have to go find their own science info, which sucks because if they look in the media, the media is playing the conservatives' game.
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Ganked from marchenland

I knew she said NOT to try this quiz (because it tries to force you to join OK Cupid) but I did it anyway, because I couldn't resist!

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I love where it says I'd never date somebody dumber than me. Amen to that!
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123 Luckie

I am on a real roll with web sites. Here's the latest:

123 Luckie Street

(If link doesn't work, go to

This building is where Caleb lives and I know lots of folks there, so that's how I got the job. Connections at work.

I did this whole web site in one day and a few days after doing edits, I've launched it. I registered the domain and got hosting around 4:45 today, uploaded everything and the domain seems to be working already.

Meanwhile, I'm really, really happy with this design. Simple but sophisticated, matching the building.
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Playing with fire

Just caught the kitten playing with matches.

No, really. A box of Diamond, strike-on-box matches.

Made me think of this famous illutration from matches story in Struwwelpeter:

I *loved Struwwelpeter as a kid. All of us did, except Betty, who was a thumbsucker and was scared to pieces by this story. All my nieces and nephews (even Betty's, I think) have a copy, as do I.

That kitten will play with anything. She keeps taking my nasal spray off the bathroom counter and wacking around like a billiard ball.
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Kitty in stuff

Luckie is amazingly careful (um, as she paws the cursor!)

She just got on my desk and walked around. Now, to the right of my computer there's a space about 3 ft. deep and 1 1/2 ft. wide and on it is a LOT of stuff. Not papers, but little objects like incense burners, candles, rocks, toys, pens, glass bottles, etc., and yet she can walk around it wihtout messing up a thing.

(She's really pawing this post... wonder if she knows I'm writing about her.)

True, she's quite small so it's easy for her to get between and around things, but still, it's fascinating.

(Now she's on the pull-out writing slab on my desk, sitting on my invoices wondering how she can jump down to the bottom drawer and have a nap behind the printer paper.)

Oh, and BTW, I found the box of matches in the living room. She had opened it and managed to scatter wooden matches all around. Weirdo.

(And now she's in the printer tray.)


And then she went to sleep in the drawer. Then she woke up and went nuts over the screen. Then she fell asleep (how?) while I blasted a recording of Petruska. Now she's looking at the cursor again. It just won't die!

--UPDATE AT 12:23 AM--

Luckie is definitley on a roll of doing hyperactive cat stuff.

I have no idea HOW, but just now she somehow managed to get a lipstick off the counter, then into the toilet and then out. It must have happened, because there's all this water next to the toilet, the lipstick is wet, and she's wet too. The sink is dry and she can't get into the shower.