October 12th, 2005

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Kitty Zzzzzz

The last three nights running, Luckie has fallen asleep in the desk drawer here while I'm working and listening to loud Russian classical music. She has such a tin ear.
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Best intentions

I so totally did not make it into bed by 2. Or I won't, anyway. I'm done those updates I needed to do. Well, two of them. Still have 2-3 more but those are less vital. I am going to feel seriously crappy in the morning. At least I know I'll get sleep up at my parents'. There's no real reason for me to be up so late there and it's totally dark and silent there, except for the moon, crickets and doves :)
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Vampire at Dawn

As usual (of late) I've woken up before dawn, at least for a bit. Not sure why this happens, but anyway... USUALLY I stay in bed (and sleep again) because it's too early. Well, I had this half-awake thought that led me to go look something up on my computer.

I see that it's 7:21. And it's still DARK OUT. What the heck?! Guess it's obvious I'm not normally up now, because all those other times I've woke up, I thought it was around 6 a.m. But no...

Ignore me... zzzz... I wonder when dawn is. Or is the sun sleeping today? I almost (almost) feel like staying awake but don't think I will unless I can't help it.


While I'm awake, let me see if I can tell all you fine folks what is going on in Downtown Atlanta at 7:24 a.m.. This is all stuff I see out the window of my office:

- A guy on the 4th floor of the Grant Bldg. is already at work, with his TV on
- Somebody just went into Bombay Cleaners on Forsyth St.
- Suburban XPress bus just went down Forsyth St.
- Expensive silver car jut went down Forsyth St.
- First pigeons of the day are out in front of the cleaners.

Hmmm, and that is all, because I guess it really is early for everybody, not just me.

Also: Luckie is desperately trying to get my attention.


Oh, now the sky is lightening. I should get back in bed!
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Unusually awake

I didn't go back to bed.

Interestingly, I'm now awake now, at 9, then I usually am when I wake up... at 9, except I've been up for an hour and a half already.

Actually when I "got up" at 8, I felt *much* better than I usually do when I get up much later.

I think that *fighting* getting up (especially fighting the brightness) is what makes me so crazy tired!

Going to get to work this morning. I'm pretty sure I will fall asleep in the afternoon (only got 5 hours sleep) but right now I feel fairly sharp.
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The only things I've eaten today: 4 pieces of toast, a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Coke, and 10 licorice cats.

I think this calls for the French cafe. I don't have any food in the house but the cafe is IS my building.

Pumpkin ravioli? Raspberry tart? Or tuna and caper sandwich?

Gah. Soon as I finish setting up this latest web site, I am so there.
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My maternal grandfather was one of 16 kids, but I have to wonder about this woman:

Mom delivers 16th child, thinking of more

I mean, in today's day and age, that just isn't done. Because, you know, there's birth control and people don't need to create a labor force or make up for 1/2 their kids dying. Oh, well. This woman's stretch marks must be insane.
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Wendy's Wendy's Weirdness


I just got the coolest phone call out of left-field.

This guy calls me saying he found me on the Internet. I'm getting nervous, but then he says he's calling me in relation to a project he's working on, called BoycottWendys.com. He's an activist, formerly of HRC and the Harvey Milk School, and he's doing a campaign to spotlight the fact that Wendy's is the only Fortune 500 fast food corporation that does not have a discimination policy protecting people on the basis of sexual orientation.

So my mind starts turning this over. He's calling about Wendy's and my name is Wendy. Is this is a coincidence? Or does he just need me to design the web site?

Turns out it's no coincidence! Part the campaign involves gathering 30-40 women named Wendy and running an ad (i.e. a full-pager in USA Today) with pictures of Wendys across America, their names, and a header saying "Not In My Name." They don't have to be queer Wendys, just Wendys who agree to participate. Would I do this? I said yes.

Now this is not because I necessarily believe in boycotts. Nor is it the fact that I am vain and like being in the paper, though that is true. No, the reason I said yes is that I support corporate non-discrimination policies and I also feel it's important to connect FACES to support of queer rights, queers, etc. So often people think of "them" or "those ideas" like they are faceless "others" but if they SEE you it's harder.

He said his group would be sending me an info packet with stuff on the project, arrangements for the head shot, release, etc.

If anybody has thoughts on why I shouldn't do this, perhaps let me know? And no, I don't care if my parents or somebody sees or hears about it. My parents support anti-discrimination policies too I'm sure -- even my Republican dad.
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