October 13th, 2005

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What the...?

I'm so glad I woke up just now. In the dream I was having, somebody was about to "dress" some rabbits. It wasn't a nightmare or anything, but it was a bit stressful. The overall drink was something about me moving into a dorm and Daniel and Caleb bringing me gourmet coffee. But then we found out it was a kosher dorm and so we were kind of waving a magic wand around to make it all kosher. Whatever made me dream that, I have no idea.
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Going home

I'm killing time until I leave for the airport. My flight's at 11:25 so I think I'll leave around 9:45. The train takes about 25 minutes and AirTran has a special express check-in right by the station exit. I love AirTran. Once I'm in Boston I may take the T to Downtown Crossing, depending on the weather and how I feel. In any case I'll take commuter rail to Andover per usual. Unfortunately my parents' car is in the shop right now so I'll have to walk up to the house, but it's only a couple of miles and I don't have heavy luggage. I really hope it's not raining though!

As usual, I'll be checking in on LJ once or twice a day using my mom's ultra-slow dial-up and probably taking some pictures. Mom says she wants to take me to some shops in Marblehead, so I suppose that'll be scenic. I wish we could go on a whale-watching cruise too but I know it would be too cold for my dad. I went on one out of Portsmouth and it was great fun. Other plans I have including going on some walks around town and through that wildlife sanctuary near my parents' house. And maybe fetching some stuff out of the attic, like this book series I really want and I'm sure my mom is trying to get rid of.
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I made it.

My parents' car is in the shop right now so we are ALL carless. Ha ha. I will go for some walks tomorrow and do yardwork and maybe rummage around the house for stuff Mom & Dad will let me have.

One other comment: God, I itch. I just took a shower and this house has already made me itchy. Must be dust, since I don't think it would be fleas. How annoying.

OK, and another comment: Mom mad her wonderful German pound cake. The one that requires 11 eggs and like 4 sticks of butter, yet is so LIGHT and wonderful. Ah. It will be 1/2 gone by tomorrow...