October 14th, 2005

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Friday in Andover

Even though I feel a bit sick at the moment (throat, tummy, don't know what's up), I'd like to put down some notes on what went on today here at my parents' house.

First off, I slept late. REALLY late -- 'til 11. Since I went to bed (after reading) at around 11:30, that was almost 12 hours sleeping, twice my usual amount. I'm sure I need the sleep.

Anyway, was awakened by parents as usual, as they made about 8 phone calls trying to locate their car and get it back so we could have a car. Finally their talking forced me up and I went and had breakfast.

After a bit, I decided to go out for a walk to the Vale, as in Ballard Vale, the village about a mile down from us, but still part of Andover. It's a historic district now, and rightly so since it was a 19th century mill village and there's lot of neat Victorian architecture. I put on a coat and walked down there, all up and down various streets, and took lots of pictures. Overall I walked 3-4 miles I'm sure, and was quiet tired.

When I got back we had lunch and I watched the last 30 minutes or so of Prime Suspect 1, which my parents had from Netflix. (My parents do Netflix... what the heck?) After that I put on the first of the 1939 World's Far / 1930s propaganda DVDs and we watched them all. My parents really liked it!

Next up Dad and I got really tired and took naps. I slept for at least an hour and only woke up because my parents were yacking into the phone again! Then a car came to pick up dad to go get the car and the fire alarm went off! So I got up. I watched TV for a while and finally Dad arrived with the car.

The next thing I remember doing is Mom calling me to come with her to church -- now that we had a car. She produces the church bulletin and needed help. So I went over there and proofread Sunday's bulletin and then folded 40 children's bulletins and 75 adult bulletins. We're going to be the ushers on Sunday, which'll be fun since all the blue-haired old ladies and other folks will tell me how pretty I am and remember when I played Baby Jesus in the Christmas play when I was 4 months old :)

We got back just as the roast beef was done and then of course had a lovely very English type dinner: roast beef, mushroom gravy, asparagus, noodles with sour cream sauce, and tea. I'm not sorry I toss the vegetarian thing when I'm at home because I love my parents cooking. I had breaded chicken cutlets for dinner last night and roast beef sandwiches (with horseradish!) for lunch and it was all good. I figure, why have my parents fuss and anyway they won't be around forever, should let them enjoy feeding me, which I know they do. (Meanwhile I just said this to my mom and she said, "Good, I'm a lousy vegetarian cook." Um, yeah...)

After dinner we watched a movie. Mom had 85 Charing Cross Road, with Anne Bancrot and Anthony Hopkins. That was really good -- recommend, esp. if you want to "go back" to England in the 50s. Anne Bancroft's character is great. Dad fell asleep half way through and we made him go to bed. Afterward I showed Mom two more propaganda videos off my DVD -- one about "widgets" and one about old time radio. She likes them a lot.

Now we're both (rather predictably) in the computer room together. I'm doing LJ and she's playing Tetris :)

Tomorrow plans are we go to Marblehead. In the morning it's supposed to rain, but we'll go shopping. Sun is supposed to come out later and then we can walk around the ocean, on a pier or something. Dad likes to sit there. The wind is supposed to be really strong so it might be freezing. I've never been to Marblehead before, just sailed by it from Salem or been nearly run down by huge yachts from there.

Oh! One other thing for today was I talked to Caleb on the phone and Luckie and the other animals are being good. Luckie is being super-affectionate, which I knew she would be, since I'm not there and she seems to really NEED people around. Awww. Sweet girl, I missed her today and actually checked the bed for her this afternoon, wanted to make sure I didn't squish her during my nap. But alas she's not here.
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Suggested by thefridayfive

1. How long have you had your LiveJournal/blog?

Oct. 2002, so 3 years now.

2. What do you consider to be the main purpose of your LiveJournal/blog?

Opportunity for me share myself with others. And spout off about stuff.

3. If you could change something about your personal blogging style, what would it be?

Avoid doing so many memes.

Some might tell me post less but I'm home alone most of the time, so it keeps me sane.

4. What are your criteria for adding someone to your friends list/blog roll?

Must be interesting or at least somebody whose life I like to "follow." Also do a few communities that I visit often anyway.

5. Name one thing that you've never before written about in your LJ/blog.

My long-standing habbit of talking to myself / doing impromptu plays involving fictional characters, any time I'm alone. I guess I've just internalized the fact that most people would think that's nuts. I've told a few people but not many.

P.S. I am so exited about thefridayfive being around in some form. I missed it.