October 15th, 2005

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Very New England

So we had a very nice afternoon in Marblehead -- this despite the fact that it was pouring the entire time. And it still is pouring. Has been since yesterday morning. On and on and on. Reports that it's been raining in New England for a week are not exaggerated. It is indeed quite wet here.

But anyway, Marblehead was very nice. Somehow I've never been there. We had our boat in Salem for years and were so close by, but we didn't go over there. The city has a truly impressive array of historic houses, including a downtown where just about every house is pre-Revolutionary War!

First stop was shopping downtown, for which we left Dad is the car because he hates shopping and wouldn't go out in the cold and rain. There were some lovely shops there, including a place with a ton of amazing vintage costume jewelry. I came across a vintage 1930s rhinestone and black bakelite necklace and earring set that I *had* to buy. There was a fabulous used/antique bookshop there too. I found a first edition of Animal Farm, which I didn't get but admired very much. There were a ton of vintage 1930s children's books there, like all these Shirlye Temple books, which I would've got except they were properly priced, $30-45 each. We went in a number of antique shops and jewelry shops as well. After that we drove off to another little area of shops, again leaving Dad, but we didn't stay there long because it looked like it was *slighlty* clearing up and we wanted to go to the ocean.

So finally we drove out to the fancy party of Marblehead, which is this exclusive residential area on an island reached only by a causeway. (Not the kind of place you'd want to be during a hurricane.) There were all these beautiful HUGE houses there, incluidng one that was a mini-castle. There's also the Marblehead Light and a nice little park, a patch of grass surrounded by rocky, rugged coast and enormous crashing waves. The ocean was absolutley *heaving* today, with big, big swells, crashing surf, and I think even the seagulls were a bit scared. I got some great pictures out there of the waves, gulls, windswept trees, etc. I looked pretty much as a New England coast should :)

On the way home I was really sleepy but managed to catch a few more houses. We stopped at CompUSA so Mom could get a USB hub, and then went home. I fell asleep and am only up now. Mom and Dad are doing something about dinner now. I believe I'm going to be lucky enough to have stew now. Mmmm. I asked Mom if she could make some for me.

I think tonight we'll probably watch more movies. Cozy, cozy.


Man, is it wet here!

We just caught the NECN weather news and apparently there is flooding all across the state, plus in NH, RI and CT. Amtrak had to cut runs to Boston because of flooding. Towns everywhere are dealing with busted dams, flooded streams, rivers out of control. The governor, Mitt "Jerk" Romney, is trying to get a State of Emergency for whole counties and towns now, after doing a tour of the state. I think Hampshire County, where I went to college, is already under a S of E, and I'd guess the Connecticut River is doing some damage.

Tomorrow the rain is supposedly going to die down tomorrow and we'll get a break, some sun, but after the forecasters' booboo today (sunny in the afternoon, my butt!) I don't trust them. They do say we'll have winds of 35-40 mph, 50 mph in gusts. Oh, my! I want to go out for a walk in the woods or to Sunset Rock to look at the 1950s modern houses, but if it's like that, it might be kind of hazardous.

In the morning I have to get up early and go to church. Mom and I are ushers so we get to hand out bulletins, greet people, and pass around the offering plates. The church is really quite small so attendance will only be around 75, maybe lower because of the rain. I'm sure the service will bore the heck out of me, but it'll be nice talking to people. The "fellowship" downstairs is always nice, with coffee, tea, cake, cookies and stuff. I grew up in that church from Day One so it's very nostalgic.