October 19th, 2005

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Picture Post -- St. Joseph's

If you go down High Vale Lane in the Vale, past 6-7 Victorian houses, you come to an amazing little church known as St. Joseph's. It's simple as can be but truly beautiful. The plaque on the front says it was built in 1881. It's a "mission church" affiliated with the main Catholic church in town, St. Augustine's, and I assume it was built to service the mill workers, many of whom would have been immigrants from Italy, Ireland, etc.

St. Joseph's, Ballard Vale, Andover, Mass.

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Post-trip zzzzz

Jeez, do I just want to sleep all day. Actually I'm about half-way to that goal, but hey...


I swear the only thing keeping me awake is Luckie.
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Say hi to Marialana!

I'd like to introduce dharmagirl! I'm sure I did this way back when she first joined LJ, but now that she's attempting to become active again, thought I'd do it again.

Anyway, dharmagirl, real name Marialana, is and was my best friend from back home in Massachusetts. As an undergrad she majored in history, went to grad school for same, and is currently working on getting a Russian translation certificate, so hopefully she can get out of her bank job and start doing translation work in the Boston area. Right not she has barely ANY friends on LJ and she hasn't filled out her profile much, but she's into history (esp. Russian), books, 80s bands (esp. glam & metal), and grousing about life (I mean, we all love that, right?) She live in Bradford, Mass. with her mom and her boyfriend of 10 years, Dana. (And don't ask her why they're not married, the most annoying question she gets... they just don't feel like it!) Check her out!
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Reading Material

I seem to be gobbling up books lately and though there are still 5-6 in my "to read" stack from last time I went on a binge, I just couldn't resist ABE. It's all so DAMN cheap I tend to order 6-7 things at once. I love the fun of every day opening my mailbox and finding a book! Even though they're all from different sellers and I have to pay shipping, when most books I'm looking for are $1 (yes, $1), it's still like bargain basement.

My order tonight:

The Crown of Silence (Storm Constantine)
The Way of Light (Storm Constantine)
The Bull from the Sea (Mary Renault)
The Last of the Wine (Mary Renault)
The Mask of Apollo (Mary Renault)
The Age of Missing Information (Bill McKibben)

Total w/shipping was $32, so about $5.25 a book. And Renault is certainly priceless stuff, while the McKibben replaces a copy somebody "borrowed" off me years ago, and the two Storm books are for Mom, who just read Sea Dragon Heir (another present from me) and enjoyed it. (Mom also enjoyed Shades of Time and Memory and wants to read more Wraeththu.)