October 20th, 2005

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It figures

So today I decided that rather than fighting the urge to get up at 6:30 -- I keep waking up at that time every day -- I'd actually do it. After all, I always seem to have much, much more energy when I first wake up than when I later wake up at 9, having forced myself to sleep and usually after some energy-draining dreams. This plan seems foodhardy in some respects since I didn't get to bed 'til 2, but why not try it?

Well, I got up, showered, dressed, got my paper, and feel hyper like I had a speciality coffee drink with 2-3 shots of espresso it, even though I didn't. So far so good! I wonder if I will nap later. Even if I do, the lost productivity won't be so bad since I'm up so much earlier.

The bad news is that I've had a killer noisebleed. Argh. It figures.
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I just took Luckie downstairs to see Caleb and some coworkers who were at the cafe. I normally take her out at night when it's quiet but today I took her outside during the peak activity of the day and after "saying hello" and being cute for a bit, she FREAKED. (Damn Pepsi truck!)

No, she didn't escape the leash and run through traffic, but she did GASH open my throat. Big slash, like 2-3 in. long, horizontal across my throat, plus a couple more vertical ones. I look like Corpse Bride or a murder victim. Luckily (um... pun?) it's not very deep and the wound looks worse than it is because it's swolen, so all I've done is wash it with soap, water, hydrogen peroxide, and Bactine.

I guess this was my reminder to clip her nails, which I was behind on. Done. She had blood on a couple of those front ones. I'm not surprised.

ADDENDUM, 3 p.m. - Just bought some generic Benedryl. As Caleb predicted, by throat (inside) seemed to start swelling up. I'm not allergic to cats supposedly but better safe than sorry. Let's see how long before I collapse into a nap.
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Fresh as a daisy

Well, the Sudafed knocked me out -- for about three hours. I guess my experiment to see if waking up with the sun keeps me awake is ruined now, as I took an interfereing substance. At least my throat feels normal and I'm not groggy! Caleb and I are going to go to Atlantic Station as soon as he calls to go. Report later!
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Wicked Wilma

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the following CNN.com headline sounds... odd.

Wicked Wilma hitting Mexican tourist hotspot

I totally picture this chick Wilma all decked out for the club.
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This, That

The boys and I went to Atlantic Station tonight, went shopping, and had dinner at the diner. Caleb and I both got shoes, we were all super impressed with A.S., and it was fun.

I will write about that later, as oOther stuff is more pressing:

- Neck wound is looking better now that the swelling is down.
- Been having repeated bloody nose on the right side all day. Totally gross.
- House is a wreck. Caleb's coworkers saw it when they came over, and I was mortified.

Despite this, I feel like today was a good day.


Now a random tidbit I want to throw out there for comments:

There's this new store at A.S. that I LOVE. It's called White House / Black Market and it's a women's clothing store that sells nothing but black and white clothes. And it ALL in my style and comes in my size. Now, this is a good thing, an excellent thing, but that's not all. Caleb suggested I try for a PT job there. Because a) tiny bit of income, b) get out of house, c) walk more, d) I would get discounts, and e) I could always dress how I wanted since 90% of my clothes are black or b&w. I think the idea has merit (I keep thinking about some kind of second job), but giving up say 20 hrs. of my time a week for under $10/hr. sounds like an insane thing to do given my hourly rate. Not that I ever work FT for Metro Girl, but still. Other than that, good idea!
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