October 21st, 2005

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Five Fall Q's - from thefridayfive

1. What do you like or dislike about autumn?

I *love* Fall. It's my favorite season. Why? Because it means Summer, my least-favorite season, is over, and with it the stifling heat, freezing AC temps, and shorts (a fashion item I don't care for). But it's not just because of what it *isn't* that I love Fall. No, I also love the cool-but-not-cold weather, the rain, the changing of the leaves, the dead leaves, the half-bare branches, the pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and sense that the Earth is dying gracefully, though we all know it will come back with a bang in Spring.

2. Have you raked leaves into a pile just to jump in them?

No. Besides, where I grew up it was mainly pine needles, not leaves.

3. Have you ever carved a pumpkin and how did it turn out?

Every year, just about. I carved one with/for my Dad the other day and it turned out great. They almost always do. I bought my own pumpkin Tuesday and will carve it next week when Halloween is closer.

4. Have you ever eaten anything made from pumpkins other than pie?

Sure: pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin fritters, pumpkin fries, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin soup.

5. Where is a good spot to see the leaves change color where you live?

Hmmm... good question. I think the Inman Park neighborhood would be good, since it has a lot of trees and is beautiful anyway. Grant Park would also be a good spot.
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Forever criminal?

Right now CNN.com posing this question as a homepage survey: "Should convicted criminals be allowed on TV shows that offer big money prizes?"

Now I would say YES because one thing that bugs the crap out of me is the notion that criminals are criminals forever and should never be allowed to forget that. Meaning, OK, unless somebody is on the lam, having escaped prison, violated parole, or is currently breaking the law, I don't see why people have to go nuts constantly throwing it in their face that they served jail time, they're a criminal, etc. Can they never resume normal life again? Is legal penance not enough? I can't understand vigilance, monitoring, etc., but this never-ending chastisement, bashing, guilt, etc.?

I'm also irritated by the entire idea of people in prison not being able to vote. I mean our legal system, run by our government, which we vote on, is running their lives, and yet they have no say. Are they not citizens? I don't get it.

As a local church sign says: Instead of putting people in their place, try putting yourself in their shoes.
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Every time I post to LJ, it says my password is too easy and I should update it. Does everybody get this message? I guess I can create a password that has letters, numbers and mixed-capitals, but argh, my password is always way longer on LJ than anywhere else.
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Good Things

So, a post that free of whines.

Good Things At The Moment

1. Luckie is napping in a box to my left.
2. It's Fall.
3. My neck wound is healing nicely.
4. My fish bobblehead from Mexico is still amusing to me.
5. I am getting work done.
6. I haven't fallen asleep yet.
7. I got asked out to the movies today, and said yes.
8. I finally set up a savings account.
9. Last night I got a pair of very nice sandals.
10. Still happy about my trip home to New England.
11. dharmagirl is on LJ again.
12. No headache.
13. Piggies did a cute "dance" on their hind legs this morning.
14. I have 6 books on order through ABE.

Not bad! Good!
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Some days I spent the WHOLE day just getting through my email and doing all the stuff people have told me to do, asked me about, etc. And I swear every time I take care of one of them, three more come in. And people are surprised I don't have a Blackberry or Treo or something? I need to escape this, not get more of it!
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PICTURE POST - Marblehead, Massachusetts

Here's a set of pictures I took out at the park at the tip of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The town's geography includes a lot of spits sticking out into the ocean, including a bit reached by a two-lane causeway. NOT the kind of place to drive if you're scared of water or there's a hurricane.

Anyway, the weather was drizzly and rather dark but I had a lovely day in Marblehead and had fun with the pictures.

Photo collage

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BTW, some of the pics are pixilized here, but only b/c I size-optimized them a bit too much. The originals are high res.
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Two Surprises!

Tonight I got two surprises, in rapid succession.

1) Money
I was on the way over to Caleb's to watch a movie and stopped to get my mail. When I opened it at Caleb's, I found a notice from the State of Georgia telling me I have a pension fund worth about $1,500, the kind of thing where they take money out of your earnings every paycheck. It took me a few minutes to figure out how I'd got this money, since I'd never worked for the State directly... and then it dawned on me: I was an hourly employee of Georgia Tech for eight months! I worked about 6 years previously for state institution as a contractor, but when I was PT I worked directly. So apparently I tidily "saved" up this money without really even knowing it and I guess I can call them Monday and ask for my check. Whoopee! I could really, really use the money.

2) Movie
The movie I went over to see with Caleb was Alien vs. Predator. I fully expected it to SUCK. However, it was really GOOD. Sure, it had plot holes the width of the Atlantic Ocean, but it was still a very cool movie. The set design, the whole tie-in with the Watchers, the fact it was kind of like The Fifth Element... gah, it was so COOL! I would definitely rate this movie way above Alien3 and Alien4. AND there's an awesome close-up up a facehugger which, if you view frame-by-frame, clearly IS a p*ssy.