October 22nd, 2005

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One More Surprise...

Luckie finds my umbrella, which I left open to dry, to be the COOLEST TOY! I don't know what she's doing with it, but she's running around under it, pushing it all around the bedroom and now I think she's napping under it.
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For xanath

Here's a list of Luckie's toys, counting only things I did not buy as toys:

plastic bags, paper bags, tissues, cotton balls, umbrellas, underwear, socks, shoes, sandals, shoelaces, blankets, rugs, lint, feathers, acorns, newspapers, magazines, credit card receipts, books, medicine bottles, toothpaste tubes, cups, chopsticks, dried flowers, pens, pencils, paperclips, rubber bands, belts, eyeglasses, matches, coins, boxes, pipe cleaners, earrings, necklaces, barrettes, crumpled Post-It notes

And her own tail, of course.
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I finally signed up for Netflix. Once I saw my MOM does it, I had to do it, too. Actually I think it's long overdue, but anyway, it's done now. No more listening to me whine about how I never see any movies I want even though I love movies. My first order: The Nomi Song. Next: Fifth Element. Most of my queue seems to be British and German films, some of them from the 20s.
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Out on the farm

While originally I was thinking of going to the Outworlders' fall picnic, turns out Caleb had an invite to visit a farm out near Covington to do some consulting, so he, Daniel and I drove over this afternoon.

The woman has well over 100 acres of gorgeous farm and woodland, about 35 miles east of Atlanta. It's actually a horsefarm, so there were 25 horses, all of whom had LOTS of room. Caleb is scared of horses ("They could step on me and break my foot!" and Daniel spooked ("They could KILL us!") but I went up to various ones. My favorites were these elderly horses (my age, LOL) who were wandering around. One of them had amazing light, light blue eyes. Anyway, the woman drove us around the property, first in a car, then later in a pick-up truck. Caleb and I sat in the back of the truck and I was bouncing around. All kinds of hay got caught in my sandals. We visited a house on the property, I played with a gorgeous cat, and then we hiked through some woods and down by a creek. It was all lovely.

Meanwhile Caleb gave the woman advice on how she might sell off some portion of the land and allow it to be developed in some fashion, simply becuase she and her husband need retirement money. They want to preserve as much of the land as possible and if it made them money they'd donate it all to a land trust, but they need cash for their future and he was advising her on various compromises that could be made.

Other things today:

Before going out to Newton County, we went over to Alon's, where we ran into (or was it planned???) Daniel's mom, sister and grandmother. I love his grandmother. We all had various breads and pastries and coffees and talked a lot, a mix of English and Spanish.

After the farm, we went over to Covington proper and walked around. Caleb wanted to show Daniel the town, since his comany has been working on a big planning study for the area and he goes out there about once a week. I had been there before and really like the town.

One bad thing today is my wonderful digital camera, a Canon PowerShot S40 I got 3 1/2 years ago, is suddenly not working. I have contacted customer support and think I will end up being advised to bring it to a local service center or to mail it out somewhere. I love that camera and don't feel like paying up another $500+ for a new one (it was a primo camera) so I hope it's fixable for a decent amount.