October 24th, 2005

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Onset of Fall

At long less, the good weather has arrived.

Yes, I woke up this morning and I was cold.

It's time for sweaters, coats, socks, fuzzy hats, that lovely wrap I got last year, my L.L. Bean bathrobe, down slippers...

I would always prefer to be cold than hot. Because you can SOLVE the cold problem. When it's hot, you either have to endure freezing AC or stay hot, because even if you're NAKED, you're still going to be hot and sweaty. I have no problem keeping warm, even without turning on the heat.
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Today has been SO good.

I've read over 100 pages of The Color Purple.

Got my allergy shot.

Went to Caleb's work, where they cut me a check for all I'm owed. A big check.

Went to Baraonda afterward and had delicious lunch.

I walked 3 1/2 miles.

It's windy and cool with pretty white clouds against clear blue.

I feel so alive.


Now knock on wood, I want it to STAY good!
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1. Copy and paste your friendslist behind a cut.
2. If you've friended multiple journals by the same person, delete all but the "main" one.
3. Bold the name of everyone you know or have met in "real life."
4. Italicize the name of everyone you've spoken to on the phone, or sent text messages to/received text messages from.
5. Underline the name of everyone you've chatted with online.
6. [Bracket] people you've known, online or off, for more than five years.
7. Turn family members red -- I was disowned by the only "family" I had on LJ.
8. Turn your crush blue -- I have no crushes.
9. Pass it on

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As this shows, I'm pretty unlikely to friend people I haven't met in RL, which is why my friends list is pretty short. I have about 50% more people who've friended me than ones I've friended back. I don't automatically friend back.
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I am such a tech geek sometimes. I'm doing online sales support chat with Gateway right now so I can buy my notebook (FINALLY!) and getting so excited. I'm also amused by the fact that (during general chatting) the woman admitted I've been using computers longer than she's been alive!
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System Update

Got my new system. Or at least I ordered it. It's a custome config. with a whole bunch of upgrades so it might not be here 'til early November. I'm sooooo excited though!

Fun and much-needed extra I got include an M 740 Processor, about 2-3 as much RAM as I currently have, high-res screen, and a port replicator so I don't have to unplug stuff when I want to go portable. Oh, and a wireless hub that ALSO will hook up to my non-wireless desktop so I can have a little network going on.

The entire thing was QUITE expensive but overall no more than my current one, which was SO worth it because it was exactly what I wanted and has lasted so well (3 1/2 years, knock on wood). Anyway, every month for about two years I've taken 10% of my gross biz income and set it aside as, basically, funds to buy hardware and software with and the only software I've really bought a Macromedia MX upgrade. I have to money to get the best, so I might as well!

Now my task is to clean up my hard drive, email and bookmarks on this machine, then catalog the software. Moving to a machine is always fun in a way because it does force me to do digital housekeeping.