October 25th, 2005

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Taste Test

Here's a review of some of the foods I got at the market yesterday.

Green, heart-shaped lollypop
Given as gift on way out of store. I have no idea what flavor it was supposed to be. It was just sweet and green.

Canned clams
I used the can and the recipe on it to make spaghetti with clams and garlic tonight for dinner. While I was putting in the clams, I noticed they were from Malaysia and I worried somehow they'd be "wrong" but no, they were just ordinary clams and the dish turned out fine.

Sesame rice cake
This Japanese snack looked good on the outside and I thought it would be kind of like a rice/soy marshmallow treat, but in fact it was repulsive. When I bit into it, I dicovered that underneath the seeds was this white material sort of like boiled egg white, only mushier, and then inside that some kind of brown, yucky paste. I ate around 1/4 of it, then nibbled off the outer layer with the seeds, before tossing it. Just yucky.

Chocolate mushrooms
In the Korean section, I found 2-3 kinds of treats with boxes depicting mushrooms but promising chocolate and definitely aimed at kids. I bought one of them and found inside the cutest little treats, crunchy little shitake-shaped mushrooms with the caps dipped in chocolate. It's a wonder they don't make such things in Germany (or do they?) because they are cute in a way Germans would apreciate.

Korean watercress
The guinea pigs seem to like this kind more than the normal kind I've bought before at Whole Foods.

I'm still yet to try the coconut gelatin desert. Need to buy milk first. I hope it's good!
ice cream


Quote from a Wilma survivor/victim in Florida: "We didn't expect this. This one got our attention."

Ummm... And you are still not a little more wary about hurricans than you were before, say, August 29 when Katrina hit? Do you live under a rock? I mean, OK, I understand skepticism, stubbornness, but don't make yourself look dumb by acting like you didn't realize it could be "so bad."
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"Winter" Hits Atlanta

I continue to be buoyed by the arrival of Fall.

I am in love with this weather -- 55, light cool breezes, mildly sunny. The air is so clean and refreshing, you can walk for miles. Puts a spring in my step and I notice I'm sleeping better and enjoy going out more.

At home I've turned off the central air at last and have managed to avoid turning on the heat by taking the New Englander route, i.e. added a comforter to the bed and wear my L.L. Bean bathrobe and slippers all the time. It's still 70 in here, without the heat. When it gets to be 60, I'll turn on the heat because that's too cold for the birds, but that will be a while. Meanwhile it's nice and quiet without the air system rumbling like it always does!

Meanwhile, Atlantans are panicking, whining and complaining about the sudden onset of Winter. Ahem! May I point out that if there are LEAVES on the trees, it's not Winter? Also, you can't see your own breath. And, well, it's still in the 50s.

I may point it out, but it won't do any good. Just now I saw a lady walking down my street wearing EARMUFFS. (Up north only kids and maybe cops wear ear muffs, not adults.) I've also seen many people wearing down jackets that would make you overheat even if it was cold out. I'm sure the toddlers of this city are already in their snowsuits, as they tend to come out as soon as it's under 60. There is nothing I can do to change this -- it's "traditional" here in Atlanta I guess -- but I guess I can just be smugly amused. Which I am. As always.

We do in fact get Winter here in Atlanta. The way I can tell Winter has arrived here is that the leaves disappear off the street trees, my windows start to fog/mist up overnight, and occasionally there are headlines about how a snowflake was reported somewhere in the state. Winter is mainly mild (40s) but there are a couple weeks in January and/or February where we can get some legitimately cold weather. These are the weeks I despair at the lack of insulation in my giant (5x8) windows and just have to give in and crank the heat, since half of it goes out the window. One time at the Metropolitan it got so cold that ice formed on the headboard of my bed, which was up against the window. Eeek! But then a week later the temp could go up to 80.
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The Nomi Song

About a year and a half ago, I guess, I stumbled across a review of this movie called The Nomi Song, a documentary on the legendary Klaus Nomi, who made a big splash in the 70s Avant Garde / New Wave scene in NYC, because dying of AIDS. He was an arresting performer, in terms of looks, voice (countertenor!), music and presence, and a lot of people didn't know what to make of him. I was immediately fascinated by the movie's web site, the video clips and music clips I heard and wanted to see the movie. Alas, I couldn't find it playing anywhere. For a long time, I couldn't find any other reviews of the movie. Finally after a year it did play here in Atlanta, at the art cinema on Monroe, but I was tied up that week and couldn't go.

Well, when I signed up for NetFlix a few days ago, my FIRST selection was The Nomi Song and so it arrived today. Just watched it, and let me say that it was 100% worth the anticipation and longing!

I think Klaus Nomi's work is probably the closest I've ever seen and heard to what I imagine as the perfect act -- at least, what suits my sensibilities the best. It had so many wonderful things going on at once: man singing classical opera arias in countertenor, insanely stylized outfits and stagesets, covers of pop songs in strange settings, the throwback to Berlin Cabaret style, incredible fagginess and campiness, avant garde sensibility, and oh, yes, a heavy German accent. I used to do a character called Wiebke who was an avant garde German artist and Nomi was the real deal model of that, though I didn't even know it. I've often thought that if I were involved in a band or had a band, I'd be like Bjork or Devo or something, but now I think I would have been in Nomi. I think malibran could've been in Nomi, too, come to think of it.

Anyway, I'm quite jazzed up after seeing that movie -- which was a great documentary even outside of the content -- and now my goal is to find cheap (eBay or Half.com) copies of his albums. I already had them on my Amazon WishList, but now I know they are really, really worth getting. Any performer who sounds like a male version of Ima Sumac... well, 'nuf said.

P.S. I wonder if I can be Klaus Nomi for Halloween. Wait, I *know* I could be!
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More Nomi Stuff

Found some wonderful stuff online...

Animated Tribute to Klaus Nomi (Flash movie, mostly music)

Man Parrish & Klaus Nomi - MP3s (do Find on "Klaus")

Eclipsed - Amazon.com song samples

And this very late 90s but link-rich web tribute: Keys of Life

I'd also like to note that the Nomi Song video has the most amazing Extras. Like they really are EXTRAS. Amazing considering this is an indie film. But the director and producer obviously cared so much about the subject there is a TON of deleted and additional footage, 3 whole live performances, remixes of songs, footage from the premier, and more. Just great. I am definitely buying the DVD.