October 26th, 2005

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Found this list sitting on my hard drive and thought I'd share.

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Althouhg it's on on the list, I enjoy a wide variety of wines. Generally I prefer white over red, because often reds are either too bitter or too strong for their or my own good. Overall I am trashy and enjoy fruity, sweet wines over anything dry, but I can enjoy a shiraz. Still, I dive for the sweet liquers before wine.

The drinks that get me more trashed than anything: chocolate martini (or any sweet martini) and plum wine. And that Samoan Fog drink at Trader Vic's. I go absolutely out of my head.

P.S. Just now I had a mixer of two kinds of cheap raspberry liquer shaken with ice. Pretty good stuff. I really want to have some mead when it gets colder. I have a nice bottle I got in German. It warms you up nicely.
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This was inevitable

Klaus Nomi dreams all night long. Every time I woke up during the night, I had "The Nomi Song" in my head. I have no recollection of the specifics of the dreams except it was a lot of avant garde performance art. LOL. Not bad dreams to have really!
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Well, this whole keeping-the-heat-off thing is working out just fine. This morning when I got up the room temp in the main room was 66 -- not bad considering it was 39 outside! I took Luckie to the vet and by the time I got back an hour later, the sun coming through the windows had heated up the place to 77. So what is the point of heat? Even if I did turn the heat on, I'd set it to 68 (what the power company recommends) so why bother? I am really enjoying the quiet of have no "air machines" on and it's no trouble at all to wear a bathrobe or snuggle with the cat.
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In the paper again

Nothing like being woken up from a nap by a call from the paper wanting to interview you. Good thing I can wake up quick, plus talk in my sleep. He he. After responding to an "AJC Feedback" email asking for people with issues saving money, I got a call from the reporter and we talked for about a half hour about savings. It was a great chat. I think I got in some great quotes. The article will be in Saturday, he told me, and they may arrange a photo over the next two days.

On a related note, Daniel's on the cover of David magazine, for a story on people who make their on T-shirts. His shirt is awesome and the pic shows off his tattoo, but I think the photo does not do him justice at all. He is a very cute guy. But it does spread the word about queeroperapunks!
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Growing Kitty

So Luckie had a vet appt. this morning, so she could get her third set of shots and another dose of dewormer. She has her rabies certificate now. Her weigh-in today showed she gained 1 1/2 lbs. since last month. She's now all of 5.2 lbs. When I got her she was only 2 lbs. I have no idea how big she's going to get but at least 10 lbs. I'm guessing. Her head is still super little kitten sized so she has a bunch of growing to do yet.

Meanwhile, this morning I discovered a scratch on my boob. This is what comes of sleeping scantiliy clad with a cat in the bed. She likes to sleep under the covers next to me (i.e. the furnace) and who knows what happened while I was asleep.
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New camera

My new laptop will be here next week. Meanwhile I will also have a new camera. My trusty Canon PowerShot S40 died and Canon has a great upgrade program that let me get an S70 for $250. Having my current camera fixed would cost at least half that amount and meanwhile I'd still have a 3 1/2 year old, rather abused, camera. The S70 has all the same things my camera has only several great additional features, plus it uses the same batteries. The only thing I don't like about is that it's black instead of being plain metal, but hey, aesthetics aren't everything.
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Missing the target market

So I'm watching M*A*S*H and during every commercial break there are military recruitment ads.


Who was the braniac behind THAT ad-buy?

It's already weird enough that the channel airing the show (8 episodes a day) is The Hallmark Channel.

P.S. The ads lead people to this site. I visited the URL hoping it was an antiwar site but no, it's not.
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