October 27th, 2005

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Simple Day, Animal Adoptions

Well, a summary of today would be:

1) went up to Buckhead to volunteer with the Mobile Adoptions unit, where I dealt with 5 dogs and 4 cats, all of whom were adorable but none of which got adopted;

2) went shopping at Petsmart afterward and got hay, litter and other pet supplies;

3) went back home and after a quick coffee run, fed animals and did Internet stuff;

4) went to bed for a 2-hour nap and some straaaaaange dreams.

Caleb called me 20 minutes ago saying he was at his office but about to go home, where he'd be making a yummy pasta dinner. I'll go over and may bring the Klaus Nomi DVD so I can show him some highlights. After that, who knows.


The animals today were all soooooo nice.

If I were out for a dog (which I'm definitely not) they were all ones I would consider. There were two 11-month-old sisters, some kind of retriever/terrier mix so they are small with perky ears, one of them named Oreo with the cutest black and white coat. They were both so sweet and not hyper at all, you could walk them holding the leash with one finger :) Another dog I loved was this big guy Ollie, who's a mix of German shepherd, Australian sheep dog and malumute or husky, with those white/blue eyes. He's very well-mannered and good on the leash. He would love to go on long walks. Another dog I enjoyed was Pearl, a black lab / greyhound (or whippet) mix, e.g. a skinny, sculpted black lab. Such a sweeeeeeeeeet dog. The last dog was Wolverine, a big black dog who pulled on the leash like crazy, needs training, but was obviously very friendly and wanting somebody to take him on walks and provide him a big dog bed to crash in.

The cats were all fabulous too. My favorite was Maxie, black cat with yellow eyes, very clasic Halloween but not witchy, just a big luxurious "lap cat." She liked me a lot and we enjoyed a 1/2 hour together. Another cat I liked was Rocky, an enormous Siamese mix who was the color of cake batter with eyes so light blue they looked like they had no irises. What a huge cat! I bet he sheds like crazy, cause a new vacuum purchase ;) There was also this medium-sized tabby Simon and a ginger and white cat named Chester. Chester slept the whole time so he was the only animal I didn't handle.

Most of the people who came through the bus were "Buckhead ladies" but we still had some "interesting" encounters. This young black guy made suspicious queries about not wanting to get a dog if microchipping was required. He was interested in rottweilers and pit bulls and we are fairly sure he wanted to breed and/or fight them. Another woman annoyed the crap out of Kristen and me by talking about wanting a kitten and her plans to declaw it. She went on and out about how her previous cat had damaged "thousands and thousands of dollars of furniture" and it wouldn't happen again. We both told her about how she could train a kitten not to do that, put those nail tips on, and of course how declawing is cruel and a sign you might just not want to get a pet. Ugh! There were lots of nice folks, too, like the couple who wanted Ollie so bad but were just househunting and didn't have a house in Atlanta yet. They were so in love!
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This news analysis from the NYT makes me grin: A Long Rocky Road, With 39 Months to Go.

George W. Bush has been in the White House for 248 weeks, through a terrorist attack, two wars and a bruising re-election. But it seems safe to say that he has never had a worse political week than this one - and it is not over yet.

It's like a car crash you can't look away from. Too bad there are survivors.