October 29th, 2005

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This 'n That

So for the third night running, I dreamt about Klaus Nomi and had his songs running through my head. I woke up with "After the Fall" and it's still in my head. I don't know what it is that makes it stick so. I feel kind of loony.


Went over Caleb's yesterday around 5 to help him unload a ton of furniture he bought at IKEA yesterday... and wound up out until 1. First it was the unloading, then it was assembling a huge bookcase/divider, then yummy pasta leftover.

Finally our friend Enrique came by and picked us up to go gallery hopping in Casteberry. Actually we went to our friend Heather's first and checked out her insanely huge, luxurious loft, then went gallery hopping. It is amazing how Eurotrash the monthly Castleberry thing is. Plus it was Halloween so we got crazy costumes and drag queen action. I also had some sake, which like plum wine made be instantly uncoordinated.

Around 10:30 we were really hungry and Daniel called saying he was too, so we wound up picking him up and going to Atlantic Station. We went into Copeland's, since it was open so late, and that was a good meal. The only problem was Daniel was so tired and cold, he was snoozing in his seat with my coat around his head like a shawl. Poor boy.


Today I'm taking the piggies to Petco for a costume contest. I probably will be up against kindergartners who will beat me out, but hey... those outfits are super cute. I'll take pictures.
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Luckie just insisted on kissing me. I tried to get away b/c I just put on bright red lipstick, but she insisted. Well, now she has a bright red mouth. LOL.