October 30th, 2005

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Letter in Paper

Yesterday was a verrrrry busy day and thus I forgot to post about the letter I had in the paper.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/29/05:

    Atlantic Station : No longer any reason to go to suburbs

    So suburbanites may not come to Atlantic Station for shopping because they can visit the same stores at locations closer to home ("Atlantic Station opens," Business, Oct. 21). Well, big deal!

    Thousands of Atlantans who live intown, many in under-retailed areas, now have a fabulous, first-class shopping center in their midst. I've found that from downtown, it's only a 10-minute trip --- four stops up the MARTA rail line and a quick, free shuttle ride.

    I am thrilled that I am unlikely to ever have to drag myself up to Buckhead, which I consider a suburb, miles away and a far less attractive shopping destination than Atlantic Station. I almost never go shopping in a true suburb and now probably never will again, since just about all the shops I want to visit, both chain stores and independents, are located intown.

    WENDY DARLING, Atlanta
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The Cat and the Canary*

I think I've come to realize that while Luckie is a predator, she's a smart predator who knows when her goal is unattainable.

This is what she does with the birds. She jumps up on the windowsill and then sits on the end of the table their cage is on. Sometimes she'll lie down. She kind of watched them, but kind of not. It seems to be she is actually more interested in the feathers floating around the bottom of the cage than she is in them. She also looks at their shiny toys. Yes, when they move, she looks, but she doesn't attack the cage -- because she knows it's a cage and she can't get them. This morning she was sitting there for 15 minutes before she gently pawed the cage in the direction of a toy. But then she just sat down and gave up, as if she was thinking, "It's still behind bars. What's the point?" I've caught her sleeping on the table or windowsill many times.

Meanwhile the birds don't seem to mind her at all. Pell and Cal sit there preening themselves, hopping around, chortling and cheeping, just like she's not there. They're much more afraid of my bicycle than they are of a cat. Go figure.

* OK, so it's not a canary, it's two budgerigars (parakeets) but I had to use that Subject line.
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When Your Clothes Are a Costume

Later I will write a long entry about yesterday, complete with pictures, but for now I just want to note that it happened again: I went out to a Halloween party dressed as myself and everybody thought I was in costume. The only thing I added was a wig. When people asked, I said I was a sexy android.
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Yesterday and Today

Ten Years Ago:
I was in my junior semester at UMass Amherst. It was my last semester living in the 2 in 20 (a.k.a. gay) dorm program and I had had just about enough it. My roommate was Susanna Farina, who I was falling in love with.

Five Years Ago:
Was in my first year of a job at Georgia Tech Research Institute as well as my first year of fanfic. I was all about Vamp Chron and did not know about Wraeththu. Still living at The Metropolitan.

Entered guinea pigs in costume contest at Petco; went out to lunch and spent afternoon with Amanda; went out to Halloween party with Caleb and Daniel.

Had brunch with the boys, just cleaned and re-arranged the pigs' cage. Plans for rest of day include cleaning.

Work and cleaning. Hopefully my laptop will arrive.
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Piggy Pics

Well, yesterday was the pet costume contest at my local Petco. Abbie and YinYang were Butterfly and Caterpillar. They didn't win, but the other competitors (all dogs, BTW) were very good so I didn't feel bad. Plus they gave me some piggy treats and 4 coupons for cat food (I have a cat) AND everybody got giggles, so it was worth it.

Anyway, as you'd expect, I've got pictures!

At the pet store. They insisted on mushing together
and thereby ruining their outfits :)

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Having another dizzy spell. It started when I was at Caleb's and I figured it was because I hadn't had a real dinner. Went home and had bread, baby carrots and chocolate, which isn't a real dinner but I thought would be enough, only it's not. I can't figure out why I feel like this since it happens in different circumstances; sometime right after I've eaten, sometimes just before, sometimes randomly. A couple of people have said it probably is something to do with my blood sugar, but... ? I don't know.

I had a really bad spell when I was visiting home. When it happens, it kind of feels like somebody has pulled the plug on me. I'm still conscious, but it seems like the regular connections and feelings that let you be "normal" get unplugged. I feel like I'm "floating," my head really light (drained?) yet somehow my neck is weak like my head is too heavy. I really feel nauseous and often I feel like I could black out, although I never actualy do. Sometimes my hands feel kind of numb during it... or not numb, but weak, like detached from me. The rest of my body feels similar but I notice the hands the most.

I've been having this since before I went on the anti-depressant or else I'd say it was a side effect.
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