October 31st, 2005

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This 'n That

Another episode of This 'n That!


I've had the heat/air off for over a week now and am loving it. The lowest temp I've seen registered is 66. Right now the sun has heated things up to 81, at least in the main room. My office is a lot cooler since it faces south, not east. Notably, Luckie has been mellower and more apt to sprawl on me since it got cooler.


I'm wearing the "red outfit" again today, since I found it piled in the bathroom. Have left off the high-heel boots for now in favor of something more sensible.


Been having really repetetive OCD type thoughts for the past few days; certain phrases, words, bits of music keep running in my head over and over and over again. The name "Detlef" was mentioned on something I watched on TV and I keep thinking about it. For music Klaus Nomi's "Total Eclipse," "The Nomi Song," and "Lightning Strikes" keep "playing" in my head. Lots of other stupid thoughts looping as well, especially first thing in the morning. It's rather dizzying trying to "surface" from all that.


Had a bunch of nightmarish, violent dreams Saturday night. They reminded me of the dreams I had as a young child. (For some reason I had a lot of hideous horror movie type dreams when I was still a pre-schooler.) In one bit I remember, all these people were in a kind of corral and being forced into a metal chute when this big "prod" came and mushed them all in. Turned out the "chute" was actually kind of like a huge grater and all the people who go mushed in were severely maimed, like heads cut off, limbs missing, etc. I saw the bodies afterward. There wasn't a lot of blood but it was pretty gross and disturbing.


Last night I found Luckie playing with Abbie's "Caterpillar" outfit, which she must've nicked off the table. Naturally I then took the outfit and put it on HER. She then chased herself for a half hour or so.


Got my 1950s dinette set listed on eBay. 4 watchers so far and got a question as well. I hope very much to sell on the first try.
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Data data data data

I've spent all afternoon going through my hard drive and deleting/rearranging stuff. I think I've deleted around 4 gigs. And that was just the first pass and doesn't include clenaing up my Outlook email, which is a HUGE drive hog! I figure why copy all this crap to the new computer? But how tedious :(
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Warning: This stuff is freaky

This month the pharmacist at CVS seem to have gone nuts with the warning labels:

  • May cause drowsiness. Alcohol may intensify effect. Use care using machines.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages when taking this medication.
  • Call doctor before taking OTC drugs as some may affect the action of this drug.
  • If pregnant or becoming so* discuss use of drug with your doctor.
  • May cause dizzness.

Cyclessa (BC pills)
  • Do not use if pregnant of suspect you are pregnant or are breast feeding.
  • Certain meds may alter effect of birth control pills. Ask you RPH or Dr.
  • If this drug upsets your stomach, take with crackerrs, bread or small meal.
  • Take or use this exactly as directed. Do not skip doses or continue.
  • Herbal products may interact with this drug. Discuss with RPH or Dr.

All of my prescriptions also come with a 1-2 page info sheet. So I am over-info'd!

* "Or becoming so" ? Um...
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Boo hoo

For the first time in a lonnnnnnng time (since I went on the happy pills) I feel depressed. I think I perhaps just find it rather crappy that it's Halloween and I'm alone at home. Daniel was by earlier and invited me to come visit his place, where they're watching a movie, but I haven't gone yet. I am having the urge to go lie on the carpet and cry or something. But I think I will go over there and stave it off.


So I put on a wig and cape and visited Daniel's, where the boys and Enrique were hanging out and watching a movie. Came in about half-way through Frailty. Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiigh! That is one f'd up movie, and I think I have seen a lot. Made me think Stand By Me meets Prince of Tides plus Silence of the Lambs. Ughghghghghgh.

Seeing as I had one of my super gross-out violent dreams the other night, I suspect something like that will pop into my head tonight. It's weird, but I've had lots of dreams involving axes.

Speaking of, and since it's Halloween, let me share some of those creepy childhood dreams of mine:

(WARNING: Do not read if you are squeamish.)

1) I'm playing and Mom calls me downstairs. She has me sit down at the table, where some men are sitting. I've never me them before. I have some tinkertoy type toys to play with while they're talking. Then Mom says something about how the men are going to be cutting my arms off. I'm like, "What?!" but Mom says not to worry, it won't hurt, it'll be just fine. And so they cut my arms off and Mom keeps saying it's OK. Oddly, my arms don't bleed.

2) As part of some larger dream, I'm out in the backyard or at least *some* yard with a wheelbarrow full of heads. Human heads. They're all people who've been decapitated with an axe. My job is to put the heads in a pile. As I move them, I notice some of the heads have been chopped so the throats are cut and then the people's heads start screaming. Needless to say, I woke up at that point.

3) The earliest dream I really remember is one where I'm in the sandbox playing and one of the big pine trees calls me over. In real life I always thought trees could talk, like the ones in Wizard of Oz. I really loved trees. Anyway, the trees calls me over and I get up, expecting some kind of friendly conversation, only what happens is the tree jumps out of the ground and starts chasing me around the yard. I scream and scream for Mom but nobody comes until I'm almost caught. Finally Mom comes and takes me inside. I woke up in my crib, as I think I was only about 2 when I had this dream.

Man, I think it's probably a good thing I never told the school psychologist (who met with me once or twice a week) about these dreams.