November 1st, 2005

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In the paper again!

A few days later than planned, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is today running that story on savings featuring yours truly, with a very nice picture! :)

What nest egg?

The only thing I don't like is that the reporter quotes me using bad grammar I'm sure I didn't use.
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Email from Mom

I love Mom's emails.


I loved the picture of you in the new article "What Nest Egg" in the AJC. I copied and saved it.

I forgot to write you about your kitten. Those pictures are great. She does look adorable.

I'm afraid that you might become one of those old ladies that has 200 cats or animals in her house when she dies. You know you get that way one cat at a time.

Sweet dreams.


LOL. Mom is soooooo convinced I'm going to be a crazy old spinster. Maybe she's right!
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Ut oh!

I asked my mom how she found that news article on me so quickly. Turns out she has a Google Alert on me! I didn't even know such a thing existed. She is totally stalking me, LOL.
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Luckie seems to be going through the cat equivalent of the Terrible Twos.

Started jumping on the table and counter, which she never did before, possibly because she couldn't jump that high before. So I'm doing a lot of "Scat, scat, scat!" and all that.

Last night when I aws trying to get to bed she jumped on the sideboard, which I can see from my bed, and started attacking a vaseful of dried roses. She loves dried roses and on other bouquets I have around, she's snuck off with dried blossoms and scattered their remains all over the place. So I was trying to sleep while simultaneously monitoring her activities.

This morning she keeps jumping over to the birds. While I've decided I can't go after her every time, since often she is just "watching," she pushed the cage a bit today and so I was there trying to make sure she didn't go too far. Every time she hopped up there I jiggled one of her toys and made her run over. Now I've closed her off in this side of the apartment since I'm not going to keep running over there.

I'm going to be cleaning up the rest of the house soon b/c that way there are fewer things she can pull out, knock around and/or destroy :)
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Free Publicity

I love how every time I get in the paper and it mentions I'm a web designer, I get like 5 new clients. No, seriously. Doesn't matter WHAT the article is about, people call me. Sometimes it's people I know already who were reminded of me and what I do, but mainly it's random people.
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Just checked my order status with Gateway and they are currently building my notebook.

Meanwhile I've noticed that yesterday's disk cleanup -- basically my entire My Documents section, including My Pictures -- seems to have improved performance more than I expected it to. So that's nice. This machine is going to serve as my backup system since it still works fine in terms of its disks and reliability, but simply doesn't meet my performance needs any more.

My next task will be cleaning out my Outlook files. I have soooooooooooooo much junk I've carefully filed away, including gazillions of attachments I really, really don't need to be saving. I'm pretty sure I'll end up finding like 10 gigs of stuff to delete!
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Different Wrapper, Same Crap

Jeez... I'm listening to Terry Gross interview the editor of The Weekly Standard and even though the guy is intelligent and articulate (unlike other arch-conservatives like our president), he makes me ILL!
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Well, after enjoying The Nomi Song and watching it three times, plus soaking myself in the Extras and then ordering it via eBay, I've returned it to Netflix.

Next up: The Fifth Element. I saw part of this some years ago when the boys came over and watched it here, but I was in a bad mood or had to work to something so I stalked off to my office. But I know I would've loved it!

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BTW, if anybody is on Netflix and would like to Friend me there, that'd be great. I'd like doing Recommendations, getting tips, etc. The email to add/invite me at is wdarling @ abraxis . com.
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Went to a fancy shindig at CNN Center tonight, the "Renovation Celebration" showcasing the revamp of the Inside CNN Tour, which coincides with CNN's Silver Anniversary. I was invited as a neighborhood person.

So it was a lot of Turner employees, tons of free alcohol, yummy appetizers fed to guests on glowing trays, a live jazz band and then some speeches. Notable: Turner announced a new program whereby for every Tour ticket sold, they'll be giving $1 to Central Atlanta Progress (our neighborhood booster group and one of my clients)! That's an insane amount of money but Turner has been great to Downtown.

Also notable: After the speech I went to talk to the president of CAP and wound up being introduced to the WORLDWIDE president of CNN!!!!! Newsjunkie that I am, I was excited. I kept thinking: "He's in charge of EVERYTHING."

Following that, I went on the Tour itself, which was abbreviated but good nonetheless. There was a room where teleprompters and bluescreens were demonstrated, another with a screen showing how "feeds" work, hallways with neat "artifacts," and we were taken by the main CNN newsroom, CNN International, CNN En Espanol, etc. The whole thing ended in a glossy futuristic movie that wasn't nearly as propagandastic as the movie at World of Coca Cola but still funny. The tour emptied in the revamped Turner Store, which has everything from classic old movies to Larry King Live mugs to Cartoon Network stuff like Scooby Doo T-shirts and Adult Swim gear.
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