November 2nd, 2005



OMG, how could I have forgot about the Boobah TV show?

Or not know about the wonders of BOOBAH Zone!!!!!

Warning: Don't play this site at work b/c if anybody sees you, there'll be no way to claim you were "working." It's waaaaaaaaaaaay too obviously an interactive fun site for preschool kids.

I really wish I had my local channels so I could get PBS and watch this show. I only watched it a couple of times, after hearing about it in England, but I thought it was amazing.
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Day of the Cat

Oh, God, are cats tiring! Especially when you're talking 50 of them. Which is what I'm talking about, as I spent this morning volunteering at the Atlanta Humane Society's "cat room." OMG, 50 cats! 50 disposable cat litter pans! 50 creatures yowling! And sooooooooooo much cat hair!

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