November 3rd, 2005

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Mom, the news clipping service

So now that my mom has a Google alert on me, she keeps writing me to tell me news of myself. Like:

Did you see this line in Richard Calders article?
"I sometimes think of her as an exquisite mélange of Candy Darling and Wendy Darling."
The article also talks about Storm. You might like to read it.

I really don't have to wonder at all where my voracious appetite for info comes from. Mom!
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Whoo hoo!

Went down to get my paper and found my new laptop had arrived. I just hooked it up and did the initial set-up for XP. Also found an open wireless network, which I used just to test if things are working. (There are about 20 wireless networks detected in my living room, almost all of them secured.) Will have to set up my own this afternoon using the new router I ordered. The new machine is very good-looking (Gateway) with a large, very clear screen, yet it's not too heavy. It seems well-designed and friendly just like my trusty Gateway desktop, which I'm using right now. It'll be a week before I'm transitioned to the new machine.
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(no subject)

If I were any more tired I would be an 18-wheeler.

I think I will be powering down shortly, as soon as I make a phone call.
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Cat and Piggies

I'm not an animal behavioralist, but I do observe my pets and try to figure out what they're doing. Just now I saw something I can't explain:

Luckie was curled up in the corner of the cage, where she's been for a couple of hours now. She's not stalking the pigs, just dozing and casually watching their goings-on.

I realize I haven't given the pigs breakfast yet, so I grab some spinach and put it in their dish. The piggies come out from the shelter and immediately run over to the kitten! I swear to crap it looked like they were saying, "Hey, we're going to breakfast, wanna come?"

When they didn't get a response, they turned around, hopped up to their bowl and ate.

Zzzz zzz z z

I've been pooped all day, with a super-sluggish brain, and will be going to Mocha Delites to get something that might wake me a up a tad. After that I think I might have enough in me to hook up the wireless router thingy. If everything goes smoothly, my desktop and laptop will be on their own little network and I can start transferring files and doing Internet stuff from my couch.
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Network set-up help

Well, I've managed to set up the wireless network and am logging this entry sitting on my bed with Luckie looking on. Both the laptop and desktop run hard-cabled through the router and the laptop is able to use the wireless connection.

The only problem? I can't figure out how to SEE my desktop on my laptop. I want and need to be able to access it to move files and to use it as backup storage, but I can't figure how to do that. They are both connected to a brand-new router and both able to use it and I think I should be able to connect between the two. But I'm a goob and I can't. The install manual is written using very few words so it's no help.

Anybody who can give me a pointer?


ADDENDUM (6:27 p.m.) -- Well, some progress at least.

I set up a workgroup and I seem to be able to access my laptop by clicking "Computers Near Me," which lets me go into Shared Documents, etc.

However, while my laptop is showing my desktop as a "Computer Near Me," when I click on the desktop, it "thinks" a long time and then says I don't have permission. So in other words, the connection seems only to be going one way and NOT the way I want it to, since I want to get the old computers stuff onto this new one.

I have gone all over on my desktop trying to figure out what I need to do to grant permissions, set up a share, etc., but I don't seem to know what I'm doing. So... I am stuck. My desktop uses Win2000 and my laptop is on XP Pro.
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So my dream of having an easy network setup was just that, a dream. After three hours of troubleshooting and doing everything I can think of, I still can't get my laptop to access files on my desktop. I can get it to show me that the desktop exists on the same workgroup, but there is some damnable permission problem I can't figure out. I spent a lot of time on the desktop, setting up a share, making sure I had the machine named right, checking the workgroup setting, and all this other bull, but there's been no change. I can get the desktop to access the laptop, piece of cake, but the reverse isn't true and I'm going nuts. I think my brain just can't deal anymore, so I'm giving up for the night. I will give it a shot tomorrow for a bit and then get in touch with Gateway or Microsoft or somebody (anybody out there?) who can help me through this. It's probably just one simple setting.

*Attempting calming breaths*
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Caleb was just over and we watched the SCARIEST haunting show on Discovery Channel! It was all about this family who moved into an old house in Derby, Connecticut. Creepiest sh*t ever! I haven't been that freaked out since this summer when I read a certain bit in tharain's book-in-progress about the alien vampire people he kept seeing. My eyes teared up from being so scared during that TV show and Caleb, who can easiliy sense ghosts, was hiding under a blanket going, "Shut the f*ck up!" I'm still a little scared and thus the sound of Luckie dragging around a large piece of bubblewrap in the dark bedroom is creeping me out.

Incidentally, the most haunted places I've ever been:

It's well-known for its ghosts but yikes, you really feel it. I'm not the most "sensitive" person but when Caleb I visited last May, we went onto this one block and instantly I knew something was wrong... it was too dark, too quiet, and something was watching us. Caleb confirmed this for me because he knew exactly where it was. I later realized we were only a block over from "The House," a.k.a. the mansion in From the Garden of Good and Evil. Other spots in the city have feelings less malevolent.

This city is about the same age as Savannah only considerably nicer and more sophisticated. Again, there are ghosts hanging out in the gardens and porches and cemeteries. Caleb felt one very strongly when we were there a couple of years ago. I think that was the one that touched his shoulder.

New Orleans
Well, big duh on this one. The one time I was there Caleb and I were walking through the Garden District, actually only a block or so from Anne Rice's old house, when Caleb said there was the ghost of a woman there on the sidewalk with us, he was dead certain.

Coincidence that all three cities are all colonial port cities?

Another place I know is haunted is my friend Eleanor's house in Inman Park. It's actually a B&B and the bottom floor bedroom and bath are haunted. I've gone in there and something always happens on my way to that bathroom or in there, like the tap going on, door creeking, vases trembling for no reason. There's also something up by the ceiling above the door in the hallway leading into there. The whole long hallway is wrong, like darker than it really should be. The fact that Eleanor has a big collection of rather disturbing original Weimar prints on the walls there makes it even worse.

After that TV show, I don't want to mention it, but this office is haunted too. I know for a fact a man died a few feet from here. During construction of the fire staircase, which is just on the other side of the wall, a worker fell five stories and died. Lovely. Caleb says he's not mad, but he's here and does small things.

Eeek, now I'm creeped out!
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