November 7th, 2005

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What I've Been Up To

Been pretty busy the last 24 hours or so!

Last night I went to Outworlders' Game Night at Ken's. As usual, fun time.

Today I had to clean up my place since I was one of the hosts on our building's Progressive Dinner. From 5:30 to 8:30 we did the Progressive Dinner with dessert in the lobby and it was great. I love having people over and of course the idea of peeking into other people's units AND eating food... well, who could argue?

My other big activity has been setting up my laptop, which is turning out pretty nifty. I have about 3/4 of the software installed and after party event I was able to quickly set up the port emulator, which I'm using to connect to printer, scanner, FlashCard, and PalmPilot. I like how XP works and love the movie-making application, which I plan to use a lot.

On the NOT so nifty side of things, I was just finishing installing the things when I discovered that Outlook is once AGAIN frozen, this time on the new machine. And once again, can't seem to fix it :( This time I am NOT going to waste 12 hours trying to fix it since it didn't work last time. Instead, I confess I signed up for Microsoft email support, which cost $35 but it's a biz expense and if I can't access my email, I'm pretty useless, especially when it's client emails I don't have anywhere else. If the tech answers "Buy the latest version of Office" I'm going to scream.

And I still can't connect to my desktop from my laptop.



I have some pictures of Luckie and the pigs I want to share soon. Abbie and Luckie are so cute together. Abbie has also been learning tricks, like coming when I call her, going "up" on cue, and playing with Luckie's scratching post (um, yes, for real). This little pig will run up to the cat over and over like it's her best friend and what's funny is, Luckie moves away like she's a big freaked out. He he.

Caleb and I had loads of fun tonight downloading guinea pig and cat sound samples and playing them back. Abbie kept cocking her head like, "Where's the pig?" and/or getting all tense when she heare horny pig sounds. Luckie got completely freaked by the cat noises, running around and looking everywhere for the cats who's invaded her home. And meanwhile we had out my rabbit puppet, which both animals respond to.

YinYang isn't interested in playing with the cat or the puppet. I think she has a lack of imagination and is also so fixated on food she doesn't care for anything else.


The whole sleeping and napping issue is really coming to a head. Today I had the hardest time keeping awake. I had my whole place to clean and after doing the bathroom, which is nothing, I had one of those "nap attacks" only I fought it off because I had housework to do! However, what happened was I spent around 1 1/2 hours falling into bed, struggling out and then a minute later realizing I really couldn't clean because I had to sleep. I had several hours left before the party but I didn't want to nap. But I couldn't help it! It's like somebody has pressed a "Nap" button somewhere and no matter what is going on, I have to do it. I fall prey to this around 4 days a week. I will bring this up with my doctor again.
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Wolf lying down with the lamb

So today Luckie crawled into the piggies' little shelter in their cage and took a nap. Abbie and YinYang didn't care; in fact Abbie kept running over her tail and the cat didn't stir at all. I guess Luckie is missing her litter? Surely she's not interested in eating them! Meanwhile Abbie remains convinced she has a new piggy friend.

And, yes, I have pictures, but with transitioning to the new computer I have to juggle a bit to upload them.
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Computers are so illogical

Once again, I've managed to fix Outlook, but not by any method actually listed in any of those many help sheets I've found. None of them could get it to work. What did I do? I was looking at pictures and one of the options XP has is "email this" so I clicked on it to see what would happen. Five minutes later, an email window popped up and I hit Send. After that I launched Outlook and it was FINE! I think what happened was there was some weird technical logjam and sending a message, via non-conventional means, broke the jam.

What's irritating is I purchased ordered tech support from Microsoft yesterday and they still haven't got back to me. When they do, I am going to tell them about this creative solution.
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(no subject)

The auction on my beautiful 1950s dinette set is ending in an hour and there are no bids :( My hopes weren't that high as I had to do the item as "local pickup only" which is limiting. If I'd be able to ship I could've attracted buyers, I think.

My next step is to list it on Craigslist Atlanta, which'll be easy since I already have the pictures and description all done. I think I'll also list it on atlanta and possibly some other local online communities.

I really want to sell it, not because I don't love it but because I want to go with a set that matches my decor more, i.e. 1920s-1930s oak. I know a couple of places that regularly stock tables and/or whole sets for astonishingly cheap, as for some reason people aren't into the style I like (example here). I'm hoping to get one with a checkered inlay.


On a related note, during last night's Progressive Dinner I once again noted that I am the only one I know of in the building who has a conspicuous collection of antique or older furniture. Except for my couch and armchair, it never occured to me to buy something new. Why would I do that? I figure if a piece of furniture has survived long enough to be in an antique shop, it's a good piece. Yet when people come to visit me, they're like, "Wow, these pieces are older..." and most of them have no idea when they date to. I guess I have specialized knowledge I took for granted.
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Simple Pleasures

Tagged by tharain.

1. Lying in bed with the cat.
2. Eating a whole bar of dark chocolate at once.
3. Getting a call from Mom.
4. Being complimented on my hair when I haven't done a thing to it.
5. Finding Size 11 shoes.
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Feeling homesick

Another list I made up.

Ten Things That Generate a "Huh?" Reaction When Mentioned in Georgia...
Unless You Are Talking to a Yankee

  1. McIntosh apples
  2. Patriot's Day
  3. Friendly's
  4. Coffeetime Syrup
  5. Midnight trips to L.L. Bean
  6. Cross-country skiing
  7. Peter Pan buslines
  8. "Black and blues"
  9. "Tag sale"
  10. Liberal Republicans
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Triumph - knock on wood

I finally figured out the issue with accessing my desktop from the laptop. First I had to tell the desktop's firewall system it was OK for the laptop to access it, then I had to create the same userid/password on my laptop as on the desktop, then log in as that remotely. I won't have to do that all the time, just when I want to access the desktop.

I also figured out how to install the upgrade of SpamBlocker I got yesterday and then after a few hours of befuddlement, figured out how the new version works. They had changed some of the basic functionality of it, integrating it much more closely with Outlook, and it took a while before I figured out what it was doing. I like it though.

I always feel smart when I figure out frustrasting computer problems.
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Total Eclipse

Got The Nomi Song today in the mail, after finding it cheap on eBay, so I can now watch my favorite freak any time. I've already promised Storm I'm bringing it over with me when I visit at the end of this month. And I'd love to share the movie with others, especially malibran. I don't see myself tiring of this movie anytime soon. Then there's the whole issue of getting his music, which is totally inevitable, as soon as I get around to it.

Meanwhile, must quote one of my fav Nomi songs, "Total Eclipse":

Big shots,
argue about what they've got,
making the planet so hot,
hot as a holocaust.

Blow up,
everything's going to go up,
even if you don't show up,
in your chemise Lacoste.

Total eclipse, it's a total eclipse,
it's a total eclipse of the sun,
world? wel...? come to this,
with the total eclipse,
just a slip of your lips,
and you're done.

nobody left to crawl out,
if someone calls we're all out,
turning into French fries.

Last dance,
let the entire cast dance,
due to dismembered,
last dance,
as we get atomized.

Total eclipse, it's a total eclipse,
it's a total eclipse of the sun,
world? wel...? come to this,
with the total eclipse,
just a slip of your lips,
and you're done.
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