November 8th, 2005

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I know it was pretty hot out today, but I was surprised when I checked the Atlanta weather box on the CNN homepage and read:

Hi: 312°F Lo: 59°F

Jeez, no wonder Outwrite had the AC blasting!
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Grumpy Post

So I got up early and was very productive, taking the bus with Caleb to go vote and then going with him up to Buckhead for our allergy shots. I got back home ready to rock, so to speak, only to discover that my laptop isn't letting me log in as Administrator -- that option just doens't show up. This is very annoying since the whole thing is configured as Administrator and I see all the setting and files for that profile are there, but I can't log in. Meanwhile I've been doing online tech support chat with Gateway for 45 minutes now. The first guy was quick but his advice didn't work, so I tried a second time and that tech said hi and didn't response for 18 minutes -- oh, wait, he didn't respond at all! So I just initiated a third session and he's not responding. WTF? I don't have all day just to figure this out! This is like trying to find help at Home Depot. Jeezus.
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More computer hell

I finally got somebody to help me and it was sound advice, BUT having to do a system restore back to Sunday night means I lost all this progress I made yesterday. I now have to reinstall SpamKiller again and who knows what else. Gah.

Sorry for computer whining. I really like my new laptop and I'm sure it'll be great when it's all set, but the setting... Gah!
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This feels like classic Russian literature

I am now chatting with McAfee support. Oh, joy. SpamKiller didn't install right. This is amazingly wrong. Been home since 10:30 and am STILL not able to work yet. The main thing I want to do is two client estimate but at this rate, who knows if I'll get to it :(
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Fake Memory Syndrome

Ganked from tharain

Comment with a fake memory of me. (I absolutely insist that your memory be of something that never actually happened, as everything that has happened is probably either boring, embarrassing, or unbelievable. Or all three.) Then post this in your own journal.
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Pathetic Excuse for a Workday Continues

Last thing I remember I was getting tech support from McAfee. Then I just *had* to go to sleep. Now I'm awake and back on the computer... and can't remember the status of the problem I'm having. It doesn't *seem* fixed but I can't remember for the life of me what I'm supposed to do next. Try installing again? My memory has been *wiped* -- I think I was about 3/4 asleep during the chat, as I felt one of those "nap attacks" coming on. Blah. It's a really weird feeling to just have no recollection of a conversation or event that only happened a couple of hours ago.

Meanwhile I see I had another bad reaction to an allergy shot -- all puffed out again. I knew this would happen as soon as the woman stuck me ("Ouch!"). Sometimes the nurses stick me wrong and it winds up having this reaction that doesn't seem based so much on the contents of the shot but on where the shot goes in. I think it's in my muscle or something. Looks like a giant, giant hive. I took some storebrand Benadryl for it, which is probably what made me fall asleep, as antihistamine + anti-depressants = Zzzzzzzz. If I had a drink right now I'd be down for the count.

Bad Day

I am having the worst day I've had in a long time. Between endless computer problems (XP, McAfee, Outlook, Internet connection) and a feeling my medicine is really starting to mess me up, the whole day just feels so unreal. At the neighborhood meeting tonight, I felt dazed and unsteady; I spilled my drink and tried to eat a large button, mistaking it for my cookie. And I still can't remember what I was chatting with McAfee about before I suddenly fell asleep.

On a brighter note, I got a bill from Emory Healthcare and out of a $1100 bill (3 doctors visits, 1 set of blood tests and a hearing test), I only owe $21. Like... my insurance actually PAID! I love having met my deductible. Which is why I need to be calling my doctor tomorrow to tell him about the escalation of the sleeping crisis. I'm sorry, but falling asleep after being up an hour is pretty problematic.

I would love to get drunk on a big glass of blackberry wine right now but unfortunately I would guess Lexapro's "no alcohol" warning should really be obeyed at the moment. I would pass out, no doubt.