November 10th, 2005

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Ow ow ow ow ow!

Worst charley horse EVER last night. Honestly the worst pain I've ever had in my life. I was worried I had a friggin' blood clot, it was that bad. Ugh. After what seemed like an hour but was probably only five minutes, the main pain went away and I was left with about 10% pain remaining. I'm still limping. Going to get some bananas for potassium, which is supposed to help this.
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Last night I bought (yes, bought) 7 Klaus Nomi MP3s. They are very nice, things Man Parrish worked with Nomi on in the early 80s. This one song "I Feel Love" is totally hyponotic, opera singing on hallucinogens meets the New Wave. Hell, all the tracks are great. You can hear good-sized samples of the tracks I got at: under the Klaus Nomi section.
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K'O'd again


Just woke up from a 4-hour nap. WTF? Tucked myself in at 3:45 and woke up at 7:45. Woke up briefly a couple of times and noted I was having very involved, strange dreams. I thought it was tomorrow!

I will say I feel pretty good now and since it's dark out I should be able to get all kinds of work done. But I can't get over thinking it's Friday.
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More of Sen. Isakson

Everybody seemed pretty struck by the words of senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA), when I posted them last week. Well, the letter I just got is just as bad, in particular:

On Tuesday, I spoke on the Senate floor in support of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006 and in support of the War on Terror and how important it is that America stay the course in Iraq. We must remember today we are not in a war like past wars. We are in the ultimate war between good and evil. The terrorists don’t want to beat us. They want us to lose our resolve so they can rule the world through intimidation. Terrorists don’t want what America has. They don’t want America to have what it has: the First Amendment, freedom of speech, the right to worship as we see fit, the right to bear arms, all the things that would stand in the way of the tyranny they would like to employ around the world. In one year we have caused the Iraqi people to have an interim election, draft a constitution, ratify it and seek a permanent election to elect permanent representatives, something that would have been unthinkable just two or three years ago. On behalf of our men and women in harm’s way, the children they protect, and the dreams and aspirations of Americans for a bright future, I will stay the course as a member of the Senate to support them in the war on terror.

His head is so far up the Administration's ass!
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Time warp

I can't believe it's night. The clock says 10:37 p.m. but in my head I think it's a.m. and just really dark out.

Meanwhile I'm cruising through some work, which alas I can't seem to do when it's actually a.m.