November 11th, 2005


Bright and early

It's 8:24 and I'm showered, dressed, already had my breakfast and fed my pets! Odd, since I was up 'til 2 a.m. But I woke up around 7 and felt so awake, I thought, "Why fight it?" Sometimes I do fight it and keep to a restless sleep until 9, only to wind up tired with a headache. Right now I feel pretty spiffy, so the plan is to do work until whenever the candle burns out.
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Scary, scary, scary!

I had heard rumblings about this -- the new vaccine they say could wipe out most cervical cancer -- but this Ellen Goodman collumn on the subject lays it out in such a way that my blood is boiling.

Sabotaging Abstinence

Here's a quote:

This vaccine would have to be given to preteens before they are sexually active. If that gives them the ``wrong message'' -- that we expect they'll have premarital sex -- what exactly is the ``right message''? That we care more about their virginity than their life? And if you believe a vaccine promotes sex, is fear the only reliable promoter of abstinence?

If anybody has any suggestions about who I can write to protest this or at least state my opinion, please tell me. Seems to me like the people who oppose the vaccine (WTF?) aren't the type who'd listen to me. So should I be writing letters to people who WILL listen to me telling them to stand up to these folks?
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Puzzling Health

Something I don't understand about this whole sleepiness thing. SOME days, like today, I feel fine. In fact I wake up early and am hyper. I can get work done and don't fall asleep. But like 4 or 5 days a week I'm just fall asleep all the time. There doesn't seem to be any difference in the good days and bad days, like I take medicine at same time, sleep the same amount, etc. Today I feel great and am doing so much work, while two days ago I was a mess and yesterday I had a 4-hr. nap and felt absolutely wretched with pounding headache.
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Social Realities

Just had another one of those gut-churning MARTA experiences, where I've been seated in close proximity to somebody neither I nor anybody else would ever choose to seated by.

Bus stopped by Peachtree Center and took on a hopelessly disabled, mute, palsied elderly man in a Grady Hospital wheelchair. As soon as the chair was on the bus you could smell him. The driver had to get really close to him to hook him up to the wheelchair safety belts. I was sitting right behind him and the smell made me want to puke, as did the visible sores on the man's hands and neck, plus the way he kept thrashing around. Anybody ever smelled somebody who's not bathed or been able to go to the toilet right in months? It is a very, very bad smell, like the dirtiest underwear + B.O. + something like wet dog food. Anyway, after about three blocks I was feeling really nauseous but when the man's wheelchair started to creep forward when we did a fast stop, I got up and hauled him back. The last thing I wanted was for this truly wretched, poor man to sprawl out on the floor.

The world is messed up when this kind of thing can happen.
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Something to look forward to!

I *think* I'm going to get to go to Germany for a pre-Christmas weekend shopping trip. And stay with yakalskovich! Caleb is working on the tickets right now as well as Deutsche Bahn, so we can take the train from Frankfurt to Munich. Lufthansa is having a sale (and Caleb is offering to subsidize me a bit, as my Christmas present. We'll be able to go to Christmas markets, go shopping and I can see yakalskovich and her friends, who if they are like her, must be lots of fun.

This trip isn't a "done deal" yet but by the end of the day, I hope it will be!
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Germany update

Caleb is close to getting our tickets for Germany. As on offshoot of this, we both discussed how much we hate Frankfurt. Seriously, that city has two good things going for it: awesome airport and a great shopping district. However, it is quite ugly, way too "American," and as a far as we can tell, doesn't have any damn restaurants. We will be flying out of Frankfurt and as usual, need to stay in the area for a night before we leave. Well, if it's up to Caleb we won't be staying in the city. He just found a hotel in Offenbach (?) that's in an old Nazi weapons factory. And it's 4 stars! I need to check that out! Got to be way better than the hotel by the Hauptbahnhof where we usually stay.

My fav cities in Germany: Bonn, Cologne, and Munich. I even liked Trier, which is as provincial as they come, more than Frankfurt, because at least it had some soul. Two years ago we visited the Christmas market in the Altstadt and that was the only nice bit of traditionalism or soul we ever saw there :(
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It's confirmed, Caleb and I are going to Germany, Dec. 9th - 14th. We'll be staying in Munich with Martina, whom I know through the Wraeththu fandom and have been wanting to visit for a long time. I visited Munich for a week as a teenager and was very impressed with it, so I'm happy to be revisiting. We've stayed and/or gone to Cologne and Frankfurt (blech) half a dozen times now and want to go somewhere different. Plus, in Munich Caleb can see a lot of rococo churches! Not my thing, but he loves them.

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Places To Stay

Thinking of visiting yakalskovich in Munich makes me think of all the various nice people I've stayed with in Europe. Let's see...

- The Traut family in Meckenheim (near Bonn), Germany. (2 months in 1992.)
- The Arnold family in Forest Row (little village in Sussex), England.
- Rob Arnold in London, England.
- Storm Constantine & Jim Hibbert in Stafford, England.
- Lenham family in Buckinghamshire, England.
- Marja Kettner in Dortmund, Germany.
- Fitwig & Elly's place, Bonn, Germany.
- Dagmar Diwok, Rovello Porro (near Milan), Italy.

Haven't stayed in that many hotels... In fact, I can name them, or at least describe them:

- That little inn by Storm & Jim's in Stafford.
- Comfort Hotel in Frankfurt (2-3 times).o
- Sleazier hotel in Frankfurt.
- Ueber-fancy hotel on Domplatz in Cologne.
- Hotel Lint in Cologne.
- Two very similar riverside hotels in Cologne.
- Super 1950s riverside hotel in Trier, Germany.
- That little in Marja & Elly's wedding reception was at.
- The castle-hostel Seven Sins was at.

I *think* that's all.