November 12th, 2005

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The Fifth Element

Wow, I'm a real bullethead. A few years ago Caleb and Daniel came over to watch The Fifth Element at my house, but I was in a bad and spiteful mood and except for the opening scene and few peeks, I refused to watch it, staying in the other room. Of course, while I was being stubborn, I really wanted to see it, because I could tell it was awesome. Just was not In The Mood.

Well, anyway, got it from Netflix and just watched it. Bravo! My favorite character, besides the obvious Leeloo, is Ruby Rhod. I think the Gautier costumes possibly constitute a character in and of themselves. Jesus. Loved how at least half the movie was like a music video cum video game. And I didn't hate Bruce Willis in this either; just like in 12 Monkeys, he actually works here!

I think I would like to be Leeloo for Halloween. Of course, can't wear that "thermal bandage" suit she wears after she's first "rebuilt," but one of the later outfits. Need a red wig, a fake tattoo and maybe a suitcase with 4 stones in it. I have a vintage makeup case, that should work...


Next Netflix movie: East Side Story, all clips from East German Communist musicals. I heard about thsi movie ages ago (played at the Goethe Institut and I missed it) and wanted to find it, but it wasn't 'til I saw Nomi Song that I realized the director of that did this one! I found it on Netflix, to my surprise, and straight off it went to top of the list. Should be fun!
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Not Aiming to Please

So the other day I got a call from my vet's secretary telling me, out of the blue, that the regular clinic is closed, so Dr. Lee's "going mobile" and will from now on be able to come to me!

"Great!" I said, and took down her new number.

Daniel is looking for a new vet and when I told her about how mine had just gone mobile, he was like, "Wheeee!" and immediately called her and arranged and appointment.

So this morning Daniel is expecting her to arrive when he gets a call. From Dr. Lee. "So where are you located again and where exactly do residents park?" Daniel explained that should could likely find some on-street parking within a block or two of his building. "Uh uh," she said. Daniel went on to give examples of some of the street she could park on and how traffic is really low on the weekend. "No, that's really inconvenient," she said, and explained how she has a truck and by the time she parks and walks over to his building and takes the elevator to his unit, it would be "really inconvenient."

Daniel is there on the line trying to help her out until he's basically speechless b/c the woman is not even trying to be helpful. Finally he's like, "So what do you suggest?" And she's like, "You could come to me." He asks if she means the vet clinic and she says, no, that's closed now. "So where do you live?" And she says MORROW! WTF? If Daniel wanted to go to friggin' Morrow, he wouldn't be caling the mobile vet!

So needless to say, Dr. Lee lost a potential patient as well as a current one, since if it's too "inconvenient" to come to Daniel's building, it will be the same deal with mine, as I live a block over from him. So I suggested he try Inman Park Animal Hospital, which I recall being a block or so from the Inman Park Station. If that works for him, I'll be going there too.

I hope the vet realizes that nobody Downtown or Midtown could ever deal with her attitude. Can she not parallel park or what?


And on a related note, this morning Caleb had to go up to Dunwoody to give a talk at a big Sierra Club conference. His topic is transit-oriented development. But what happens? His trip, which should only be 30 minutes by train, took like 1 1/2 hours! I believe he left at 9 and didn't get to Dunwoody 'til 10:30. He could've taken Daniel's car, but no, he was taking the train. And look what happens.

I haven't mentioned this on my LJ lately, but MARTA train service has been abyssmal for about six months. The buses are still OK, but MARTA seems to find it a big challenge to make trains run, as in arrive at stations in a reasonable time, keep them in working order, etc. Every trip I need the train, it's like a flip of the coin whether it's a quick trip or takes ages. Good thing I usually don't need to be anywhere and always carry a book.

I believe in transit and until the past couple of years, I believed MARTA was a good system overall, but right now things are f'd.

Caleb claimed he was going to greet the crowd for his talk by mentioning the incident, which'll be great since all these MARTA and local gov't officials will be there.
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Pet stuff

Whenever I rustle a plastic bag or open the refridgerator, Abbie & YinYang run to their food bowl and start wheeking expectantly.

Whenever I cover up their cage for the night, Cal & Pell start fighting over who gets the top perch.

Whenever I step foot in the bathroom, Luckie comes running out of nowhere and hops in the sink.


Luckie is such a good-natured sweetheart. She just took a nap with me, under the covers. When I got up, I decided her claws needed trimming. She purred contently the whole time I trimmed her claws. Afterward she played with the nail clipper.
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The Haunted Shop... and the Iron Hand

Today Caleb and I went out to Decatur to do some shopping and browsing around town. After stopping by the "usual suspects" like Meiji, Taste, etc., we hopped on the bus and took it a few blocks west, to the end of the shopping district. There we found an antique shop (So Rare) we had never been in before and never particularly noticed, although we later learned, from asking the owner, that it's been open eight years.

First we wandereed around out front, where there was a large collection of rusted lawn ornaments, furniture, garden saints, etc., but soon we were drawn inside. I was immediately entranced, as it seemed much more ecletric or even just, I suppose, weirder than the average antique shop or junk shop. Like there were lots of strange little things in there and for some reason I got the feeling some of the product arrangements were almost like shrines of some sort.

Anyway, Caleb and I were poking around on the side of the shop furthest from the cash register. The shop is in a converted house and the end where we were had two smaller rooms, like an old bedroom and a closed porch or something. We had just left the first nook when Caleb said to me, "This place is haunted." I asked him which part and he pointed where we'd just been. Then we went in the second room. "This is haunted, too, with another ghost." I asked him if there were any in the main part of the shop and he said no. He also said he'd like to mention his findings to the owner, who he felt would be "open" to such things.

So Caleb went up to the woman, who looks like of hippie / New Ageist, and after saying how much we like the shop, said to her, "This is a curious question, but I'm wondering if you've had any incidents here with the paranormal?" The woman blinks and said, "Why do you ask that?" Well, to cut to the chase, the woman said -- without hearing Caleb's "findings" -- that there are two spirits in the building! Caleb then told her where he sensed them and she concurred with him. She then went on to say that these spirits are her "guides" and mean no harm, only good. Caleb agreed the spirits aren't malevolent.

After that we had a whole little conversation about ghost-finding ("What do you do with this talent of yours?"), spirits who guide your life, etc.

And then ANOTHER spooky thing happened!

While we were there by the counter talking, I was drawn over towards a bookcase. It wasn't the books I was interested in, however, but several objects on the shelvers. There were some bookends and some iron roosters that I really liked... and then there was this iron hand. It was standing upright, palm open, like a glove or one of those hands for modeling rings. Only there was something about the hand. It was iron, first off, and then there was something about the fingers and how they were formed, a bit too elongated and disproportional, like primitive New England folk art or handmade dolls. "Oh, that's my spirit hand!" the woman said, after I had picked it up and looking at it.

Here's where things get odd. I could not put the thing down! We kept talking and the whole while I was fascinated with this hand! The more I looked at it and held it, the more I was drawn to it. The palm really fascinated me, as I got a sense of it as being "open" to some kind of force, but also exhuding some kind of positive energy. I also picture there being a third eye in it, not sure why. I just did. Meanwhile I was cradling it, looking inside it, stroking it, could not get enough.

I bought the iron hand. It was $20. She wrapped it up and I swear I felt this sort of fulfilment that was different than I usually get from shopping. I felt like I was buying something more like a PET than an "object." I didn't buy it as any sort of decoration or ornament or something to show other people. Instead -- and I realized this more and more on the way home -- felt like it was some kind of personal object or talisman that was connected to me and meant for me to have.

After we left, and as we continued to shop, every time I hefted the bag it was in, I got a tingly feeling and wanted to take it out and touch it. We had lunch at Raging Burrito and I took it out briefly, only to have Caleb say to put it away because it looked too spooky sitting on the table. All the way home I kept thinking about the hand and how much I liked it.

I've been home for a couple of hours now and now that I have the hand out, all my feelings seem to have come out. I feel the hand is extremely benevolent. It seems connected strongly to my heart and guts. I just watched TV with it -- heavy as it is -- lying on my chest, and I felt so calmed by it. It reminds me of having a loyal dog or something and it's so weird because it's just an "inanimated" object. But just now I was sitting here and caught myself pressing my face up to it and letting the fingers go through my hair.

I feel like I want to carry the hand around with me. Too bad it weighs about 5 pounds. Or maybe not, as you can't exactly fit it into your pocket!

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