November 13th, 2005

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The hand

This hand here (sitting on my ouija board mousepad, next to my Poe action figure) is still having a potent effect on me. I don't know if it's just the particular "expression" of the hand or the simple fact it *is a hand, but I feel very connected to it. It sounds crazy, but I feel like it's watching me with an eye in the middle of the palm, and its gaze is somehow steadying me.
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Nothing is safe!

This morning while I was sleepily enjoying buttered rye toast in bed, Luckie came over to watch. And then the cunning girl darted forward and before I could react, grabbed a pad of butter right off the bread and swallowed it in a quick gulp! I guess her coat will be shinier for a while :)
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Like we needed more bird flu angst, but...

Study: Bird flu is a deadly storm

Scientists in Hong Kong say they may have helped explain why the H5N1 bird flu virus kills so many healthy young adults -- it apparently causes a "storm" of immune system chemicals that overwhelms the patient.

The H5N1 virus caused proteins known as cytokines to rush to infected lung tissue -- evidence of a so-called cytokine storm, an immune system overreaction that can be fatal.

The study, published in the online medical journal Respiratory Research, might suggest that if H5N1 does cause a pandemic, it could disproportionately affect the young and healthy as compared with seasonal flu, which kills many elderly people but few young adults.
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Fun day out

Had a fun day with Amanda today.

She picked me up around 4 and we went up to Atlantic Station, where we did a lot of shopping, though no actual buying. (Probably for the best.) It's fun to shop with a woman your size, versus skinny gay men! LOL. We had extra special fun in the women's fancy dress section at Dillard's. We couldn't afford any of the dresses but they were lovely to look at and/or make fun of.

Afterward we were both starved so after going back downtown and going over my place, we ordered Chinese pick-up from Golden Buddha up the street, picked it up and had dinner. We also played with the animals, as she is as fond of animals as I am. Next up we watched a confusing-by-not-bad Korean horror movie, Wishing Stairs, set in a remote all-girls boarding school. Had its eerie moments, psycho ballerinas and a really psycho artist in it, but half the time Amanda and I were sitting there trying to work out what was going on. Oh, well, it was fun!

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The movie was kind of long so it wasn't over 'til 10:45. I walked her back to the car and was glad I did or I think the dozen homeless men sleeping nearby would have freaked her out.