November 15th, 2005

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Battling Soap Scum

Just finished cleaning up the main bathroom. It may be TMI, but cleaning the bathroom isn't something a do a lot. Like maybe once a month. I pick it up, yeah, getting clothes off the floor, watching towels, putting things away, but I don't use any cleaning products or scrabble around on my knees scrubbing. But I did tonight! It took about an hour, plus the time involved in kicking Luckie out of the way about 30 times -- in the sink, the garbage can, the tub, the shower :) Now it's clean. Not Caleb-inspection-worthy clean, but clean. And I broke the nice fingernail on my left thumb!

BTW, if anybody knows of a product that will REALLY get soap scum off glass, let me know. I have a stand-alone shower with glass walls and the bottom four feet are totally messed up with soap scum. The only thing that's ever got through it was this generic lemon-flavored stuff from CVS, but it was very chemically. I worked on it tonight again, but all the products I use are Seventh Generation natural, eco-friendly and I think they're not going to cut it. If I could just get it off ONCE, I will buy some Method after-shower spray to keep it from happening again. So... Recommendation for cleaning solution and/or scrub brush? Any natural solution would be welcome too.
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Learning Piggy

Abbie now comes when I call. She'll be out of the cage, on the rug, and I'll put out my hand just a little and say "Abbie, come here!" and she scoots over, sometimes up to two feet. Yay! Naturally she is really expecting a carrot or something (which occasionally I do have, just to keep her hopes up) but basically she comes up to me now on cue. It's so cute. She will also get on her hind legs if I put my hand over her head. She's surprisingly good at keeping her balance, too. Her other trick is that if I come to the cage with a treat and say "Candy, candy, candy!" she will run over from wherever she is and beg for it on her hind legs. (YinYang is alerted to it as well but isn't quite as eager, which is odd since she has a much bigger appetite.)

Oh, and on a related note, check out this really cute piggy on guinea_pigs. He approaches Abbie in cuteness, but of course does not surpass :)
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Bits and pieces

I love how the coffee I bought at 10 stayed warm until 12. It takes me a long time to drink coffee sometimes.


Luckie really likes me.


My laptop so far has been great. I still haven't actually gone mobile with it (except when I first got it and tested wireless), just kept it here on the desk, but performance-wise, it's great. I've also decided I like XP. My old Win2K had gotten so cranky, it was always a battle. XP has a lot of tools that make things easier. I hate to praise MS, but... yay!


It was great to go into my bathroom this morning and have it be clean. I love that feeling. I also slept in a clean, MADE bed last night, since I did my laundry around midnight and it was ready in time for bed. Mmmm, cosy bed.


I don't need to brush the cat, just use a fur/lint roller on her. Her fur is too fine and short to respond to a brush, but it comes off nicely with a roller and she seems to really enjoy the treatment. Actually Luckie is really good about any kind of "treatment" I have to give her. She lets me clip her claws, no protest, and last night when I cleaned her ears, she was purring the whole time.


This morning Emory Healthcare called me about my recent statement. Not to bug me about paying it, but to see if I had any questions about it. I didn't, but I thought it was cool they call like that, as often doctors' bill ARE confusing.
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Bounce bounce bounce

It's amazing how long this coffee buzz is lasting. Yikes! I guess having an extra shot put in worked as intended. I've got so much work done today, both client work and laptop set-up, and there's been no thought of going to sleep, although honestly if I went over to the bed now and cuddled with the cat, I could fall off into a nap for sure. (Lately I feel like I'm always ready for a nap!) Oh, well. Next up: Lunch. Yeah, it's almost 3, but I was too hyper with cofee to notice the time. After lunch, more work, and then I'm going grocery shopping.
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Feline Office Asst.

Some cats come running at the sound of a can opener. Luckie comes running -- even waking up from a nap -- at the sound of my HP Deskjet. Every time I print something she goes to the tray and tries to "catch" my documents as they come up. No matter how many times I shoo her away, she keeps going for it, so unless I pick her up bodily and throw her in another room, the whole time things are printing I'm guarding the documents with my hands. ("No, Luckie, don't mess up my invoices!") LOL.
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Newbie to Wireless

I want to start using my home wireless network, but after fussing around for an hour and a half, I can't figure out how to secure it! I've gone through all kinds of Help and Support docs, both built-in and online, but they all seem to be missing simple, step-by-step instructions that would actually help me. Several times I've gone into setting and tried turning on encryption, even set a password, etc., but it doens't seem to "take" and the Network Connections screen is still telling me my wireless is unsecured. I'm thinking about buying the McAfee wireless security software just b/c it'll bypass this Microsoft BS, but it seems to be I should be able to set up security in about 10 seconds. For now I've disabled the network since I don't want to leave it "open."

If anybody has a clue what I need to do to simply set things up so that people on the outside can't just come in and use my network, let me know.
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(no subject)

I'm going to scream. 40 minutes sales call from a web host. Aargh!

Edit: 45 minutes. OMG. His product was realllly good, but I'm not switching over 40 web sites b/c a salesman wants me to. I told him to send me his info and that when I set up NEW sites I would consider using them, which I may, since they do sound pretty darn cool. Company, BTW, is BlueGenesis.
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Well, for a long, LONG time, I've wanted to get back in the habit of watching movies regularly. I'm using Netfix to jumpstart this, and so far it seems to be working, as between Netflix and other opportunities I've been watching more movies than usual.

Since I started keeping track in mid-October, I've seen:

Corpse Bride
The Nomi Song
The Fifth Element
Wishing Stairs

I know that's only 5, but my average before (not counting trips to Storm, the movie-maniac) would have been only 1 or 2.

My Netflix queue is up to like 110. I should be set for a long, long while :)