November 18th, 2005

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Actual Conversation

Proving once again that Atlantans have a tendency to not "get" mass transit or urban living:

Today I got a call from one of my clients. His business is up in Alpharetta, a northern suburb, and we've never met in person. The following conversation ensued:

Client: You're awfully hard to get a hold of, not having a car.
Me: Well, I do go out.
Client: Really?
Me: Yeah, yesterday when you called I was at the doctor.
Client: The doctor? How did you get there...? By bus or... by taxi, like in New York City?
Me: Well, by train, then a bus.
Client: Whoah, that must be nice to live like that.

He can't figure out that somebody without a car can leave the house -- I guess he thinks I stay home and everything I need is brought to me, since I'm an invalid? -- and yet he thinks it would be "nice"?

I also wish I had said, "No, by train, like in Atlanta."
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It's funny how the temperature in my apartment varies by room.

The main room is always warmest, mainly because it's facing east and gets a lot of sun.

My bedroom can be an OK temperature during the day, since it also has one east-facing window, but other two windows face south. Being on the corner of the building, the room is freezing in winter, especially at night, since it's losing heat out two sides of wall.

My office is the coldest of all at the moment. There's no sun in here and it's like 40 out. The windows aren't insulated, the walls of the building are brick & terra cotta, and under the wood floor it's concrete. So once the warmth leaves, the building cools down and this little room becomes like a fridge.

I've had the heat off for around three weeks now. Wearing my thick bathrobe and putting 4-5 layers on the bed pretty much keeps it OK, but my feet are freezing and the sheets are icy when I first climb under the covers.

Luckie is hidden under the comforters in my bed.
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Z z z z z

I really wish I didn't have like 10 web updates to do right now, because I could fall asleep any second. This afternoon Caleb and I may be going to the new movie theater at Atlantic Station to watch the Wallace & Gromit movie, but I think I can stay awake for that.
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Nailed it


I had to go out to get some coffee across the street, so I threw on a long winter coat, 1940s hat, high-heel kneeboots and a vintage purse. Result: 4 people stopped me to tell me how "spiffy" and "nice" I looked! The entire outfit was black and red. Bravo on the 2-minute fashion upgrade.

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