November 19th, 2005

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N.O. Pics

Over in the forum Caleb frequents (the geeky planner/architecture equiv. of LJ) somebody has posted a whole ton of great, if grim, recent pictures of New Orleans, like neighborhoods and stuff. My impression: A lot of trash, mud and mold. It has to be very unhealthy.

Central Business District, French Quarter and Neighborhoods

Of all of these pics, this one strikes me the most. How much MUD had to have been there to overtake a car?

Notice the spray-painted messages on people's homes -- not the gov't search team notes, but the ones that say things like "DIE THIEF: Haven't I lost enough?"
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Netflix Friends

I would really like to add some Netflix "Friends" so I can find out what people I know think of various movies, get recommendations and so on. So far I have only one friend. I invited my mom twice but she must not be getting the notices. I know she subscribes to Netflix! Anyway, if you do Netflix and would like to see me up as a friend, or vice versa, my email is wdarling [@]
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Per thefridayfive...

1. What do you do for fun?

Travel. I do lots of other stuff, but travel is a biggie.

2. Is there a person from your past you would like to talk to again, even if it would be a potentially painful conversation?

Well, I'm always up for talking with Susy. We do email now and then but we don't do the phone and I haven't seen her in the flesh in like 6 years.

3. What is your favorite comfort food?

Bread and butter.

4. What is your preferred form of self-expression? (Do you dance; or express yourself through music, conversation, etc.)


5. You just received $5000; what do you spend it on?

$1000 on needed home-improvements, rest goes in my savings account.


Well, I did eventually manage to wake up a bit more and "do stuff." Imagine!

Went out to East Atlanta with the boys for a shopping trip. At the little pet store there, got litter and hay for the guinea pigs. Found a really nice red shirt at Thread Zepplin, one of my fav vintage/used shops in town. Then we ran to catch the bus back Downtown.

Once I got home, I fell asleep again for 30 minutes, but before I knew it Caleb was calling inviting me over for dinner. Lucky for Daniel and me, he made a wonderful dinner, this penne, mozzarella & tomato thing he does, and I brought over several kind of pesto and olives, which we had with these yummy crackers I bought the other day. Caleb's place looked really nice; all the improvements he's made have come together and made it a lot more cozy.

After that I'm not exactly sure what I did specifically, but it wound up with the boys coming over, playing with the cat, eating cheese & crackers and watching Annie Hall, which neither of them had ever seen. They each laughed a few times so I hope they liked it at least a little.
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