November 20th, 2005

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This 'n That

Well, so far the best thing about today is that I haven't (so far) fallen asleep. Obviously my expectations have dropped a bit lower of late.

Anyway, bunch of updates, some important, some not:

1) Dyed my hair last night. It is red. VERY red. Imagine intense new copper mated with some dark red roses. I like it. One fun thing about the dyeing process was that the dye kit was one I bought in Italy and therefore I had no clue about the directions. However, having dyed my hair something like 50 times, I figured I could wing it :)

2) Went to bed at MIDNIGHT last night, which is unheard of for me, at least when I'm at home. Slept very well with many, many dreams. Woke up at 6:30, 7:30 and I think 8:30, each time my head awash in a different dream. Did not actually get up 'til 10. And after 10 hours sleep, I felt very good actually!

3) Despite all that sleep, I'm having to make an effort not to fall asleep. I won't let myself lie down on the bed or sit down on anything comfortable, as I catch myself drifting off. However, if I keep on my feet and occupy myself with something, I seem OK. I must fight this!

4) Orders on the Wraeththu picture book continue to go very well. I think I've sold out of the second order that just arrived last week, so that's another 40 books. After tomorrow I'll have mailed out 2/3 of them, as people have been very prompt in their payments. Once I'm done traveling in December, I'll order another boxful.

5) Speaking of travel, I checked my calendar and note that I'm set to be out of town for 23 DAYS betweeen now and New Year's! Caleb and Daniel will be taking care of my pets a lot, bless them. If I didn't have them around, my boarding costs would be astronomical.

6) Had lovely breakfast at the French cafe downstairs. Mmm!

7) On Wednesday night and Thanksgiving day, I'll be walking and feeding my neighbors' dog Murph. He's a big, energetic black lab. I promise to wear him out :)

There are other things, but they're ever pettier than this babble I've just posted. I do like to make a few notes on general goings-on, however.
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Rules of the Game:
Post 10 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end of the list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.
  1. My irises are green with yellow centers.
  2. I don't wear wristwatches, bracelets, or rings; I don't like jewelry on my hands.
  3. I can't understand words if they're spelled out to me out loud.
  4. As a kid, one of my hobbies was catching wild animals and critters, like turtles, frogs, salamanders, etc.
  5. My grandmother used to dance Strauss waltzes with me.
  6. I once belonged to a professional square dance club.
  7. I think if I were an animal, I'd be an ostrich or an emu.
  8. As a child I had a very strong Bronx accent, which I picked up from my mother. (I since lost it.)
  9. When I studied piano growing up, I always worried the composers were watch me and wincing.
  10. I have a bad tendency to just drop stuff on the floor.

Okay... I'm tagging: cob_web, xanath, dadi, dharmagirl, and rasiler.
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Z Time

Just had an hour nap, but don't feel too defeated by this, as at least I held off 'til it was dark out.

Sadly I seem to have a headache.