November 21st, 2005

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Did it

Just set up a doctor's appt. for Wednesday. One of the things I've always liked about my doctors at Crawford Long, even the clinic I don't go to anymore, is that I've always been able to get an appointment on short notice, even when the doctor is busy. I don't know what my doctor is going to do or say about this whole constant-napping program, but knowing him it will be practical.
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A Couple of Cat Questions

Based on the fact that I've never had a cat before, I have a couple of questions. Help, anyone?

1. What's the average time it takes for a kitten to grow in to a full-size cat? I have heard that this varies by breed (e.g. some exotic breeds take like 3 years) but what is the average time? I ask because Luckie is five months old and while she has certainly grown since I got her, she is still a really small cat. I wonder if she will stay small or if she has a lot of growing left. I think she is about 6 lbs.

2. Are there any early signs of female cat puberty, i.e. going into heat? Luckie has been acting kind of strange the past few days and while at first I thought she might be sick, I'm wondering now if it's not some adolescent cat thing. She has been extra affectionate, has been making these sort of purr-growls she never made before, and her eyes seem overly glossy. Like I said, she's five months old, so this would be about the right time, correct? (BTW, I plan on having her spayed in January.)

Luckie continues to be a super cat. She doesn't scratch the furniture at all, but sticks strictly to her scratching post or other items that can take the abuse. She's very cautious and hardly ever knocks anything over or crashes. And she loves sleeping with me under the covers. (I love this, too.)
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Flight hazard

Smoker tried to open plane door

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! If I saw anybody trying to do such a thing, I'd tackle them, screw waiting on an attendant. Then I'd sit on them. Next I'd insist on handcuffs.

The most obnoxious behavior I've ever seen on a plane was probably the row of extremely loud, obnoxious, candybar-chewing Ethiopian teenage girls who sat behind Caleb and me on a flight to Germany.
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Stupid network

I've had this computer around 3 weeks and I still can't figure out wireless networking. I've barely used my home network because I can't yet get it to be configured secure and when I do use it, it disconnects a lot, even though the signal is really strong. There's a net in Woodruff Park that's available but the page with instructions on using it has dated info that doesn't work. Then there are general network issues, like somehow I've lost the ability to access my desktop again, for no reason I know of.

Hopefully I can get this all sorted out in January once my trips are all done and I can focus on such things.

Meanwhile at least I went through the Start Menu at last and went set it up how I want.