November 23rd, 2005

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Done... now Zzzzz

Just finished the latest editin of Inception, but seeing as it's 1:30, I'm going to hold off uploading, because I'd like to check thorugh it tomorrow. Plus, weird FTP issues always happen when you're only a quarter awake.
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Mom: I don't like those kinds of medications!

My mom called me tonight -- it's been so long since I called, she got drastic -- and among other things, I was telling her about how I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. Back when I visited last month, I crashed out for a few naps. I thought I'd explained exactly why, but perhaps I was vague about what medicine I was taking. I say this because tonight when I told her that certain anti-depressants work on your seratonin and cause various side effects, she was all of a sudden like, "Why are you taking that? Are you depressed?" LOL. My mom is the one who, any time growing up I had a headache or was depressed, would tell me kids don't get headaches and have nothing to be depressed about, if they would stop moping. Anyway, so Mom is like, "I don't like those kinds of medications..." and I come back with, "Yeah, Mom, I know, you don't approve of aspirin." And continued to tell her about the medication, why I was put on it, how messed up I was. I'm sure she went over to Dad afterward and discussed how I had been "holding out" on them re information, but I know how she is. She doesn't quite believe depression is a real thing and pretty much thinks you can just smile a lot and it will make it all better. Maybe I will write an email explaining it more so she doens't go spouting crap to my siblings.
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(no subject)

Quite predictably, I am now really ready for a nap, but I wont' give in. I have stuff to do. I will do it. At 5 I have to walk the neighbors' dog anyway, so long as I make it 'til then, I'm golden.

(Watch me fall asleep within 5 minutes.)
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T Day Approaches

I'm so glad I never travel on Thanksgiving. Just stay right here Downtown. It's already turning into a ghosttown, most all the working people either gone or leaving work early. Tomorrow it'll be like a movie set. Fine with me. I'll use the quiet to complete my To Do list, tidy, and make cranberry bread and sauce for the group meal. For the 5th or 6th year running, it's Orphans' Thanksgiving. This year 30 people are expected. It's at Tony & Maria's again. It's so much better than regular Thankgiving: 1) you only have to cook/bring 1-2 dishes, 2) you leave your kitchen behind, 3) more variety in food (but still great turkey), 4) meet neighbors and make new friends, and 5) no fighting! I remember some awful fights from holiday meals growing up, like people exploding, storming up the stairs, things being thrown. I think this is why we always do buffet style at XMas.

Not freezing yet

According to a sign on the main doors at Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta is experiencing "Extreme Cold." According to the Weather Channel, it's 53. WTF? They had actually taped shut one set of doors into the lobby to keep it warmer. Maybe it's extremely cold if you're wearing one of those hospital gowns, but otherwise, no, it's darn nice for day before Thankgiving. I kept my coat unbuttoned because if you walk around with it zipped up when it's so warm, you overheat. At least I do.

On a related not, I've heard the weather in Stafford is, not surprsisingly, sucking. It's about 10 degrees colder than here, below freezing at night, windy and cloudy. I think there's fog, too. Not that I care about the weather overmuch. It'll just make me walk faster to town!

Finally, await my legit moaning at cold when January comes. It only gets cold here like 2 weeks a year but when it does, it is in fact worth moaning about.
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Thanksgiving Foods

turkey (esp. wings and drumsticks)
mashed potatoes
sweet potatoes
celery w/cream cheese
acorn squash
cranberry sauce
cranberry bread
cranberry muffins
wild rice & cranberry salad
apple cider
apple pie
blueberry pie
pumpkin pie
jello salads
carrot cake
bread pudding

Least Favorite:
pecan pie
turkey innards
any kind of cobbler
pickled peaches