November 24th, 2005

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Walking the Dog

Tonight I got to take out my neighbors' dog Murph. Went on two 45-minute walks around Downtown, including a lot of time in Centennial Olympic Park. The second time there was more fun since it was 11 and the massive holiday display was on, with Christmas trees, bushes of blinking lights, the ice rink, and all the other fun, glowy stuff. Not that the dog cared, but I liked it! Murph is a great dog, 80-90 lbs. of happy-go-lucky black lab. He doesn't pull on the leash at all, or only as much as a little dog! After each walk I played tug of war with him in Sam & Leslie's apartment. He has this chew toy he looooooves. Also fed him, watered him, and on the second visit, got him to eat the pills in the bottom of his food dish by sticking them in some peanut butter. Tomorrow I have to get up at like 7 to walk him again, and then again before the Thanksgiving meal.
sideview, obamame_sideview

T Day

For the sixth year in a row, enjoyed a great communal Thanksgiving with the neighbors. There were around 30 of us I think! We were at Tony & Maria's place, which is big enough to easily fit us, plus Tony made his wonderful herb-rubbed turkey, two of them! There was a lot of other wonderful food, including cranberry salad, baked yams, and a sour apple cream pie. Yum! Met some fun people, caught up with various folks, and held Jodi & John's itty bitty Yorky.

Caleb and I left around 8:30 with all our leftovers, plus a big chunk of meat and bone for the cats. Luckie had fun "hunting" the turkey but actually only ate a few chunks before deciding it was a bit too difficult to eat without getting messy ;) Caleb brought some more to Daniel's cat Pugsley afterward and I hear the big cat wouldn't eat it. Luckie will get the last third of it, broken off the bone so she can eat it better.

Meanwhile Caleb and I watched Dagon, an H.P. Lovecraft movie that was surprisingly good. Sci Fi aired a good movie... wow! Now Caleb has decided to sleep over. First he went home to get a few things, including the big vacuum cleaner to do my rug, because he finds it too dirty. *rolls eyes* He's sleeping on the twin mattress I always keep under my regular bed.

And now I must tuck him in.