November 25th, 2005



Well, the sleepover wound up getting aborted, as Ms. YinYang decided to be a noisy, obnoxious piggy and keep Caleb up! He was just about asleep when he heard the sound of her on her water bottle. He waited for her to finish but she just went on and on. Then she jumped up on the second level and started pushing the bowls all around, then chewing on the cardboard floor like a rat. Then she drank some more, then chewed some more, then pushed bowls some more. Caleb grew up with mice running around in the ceiling and walls of his bedroom and can't sleep with rodent noises, so that was it for him. He woke me up -- I fell asleep quickly with Luckie curled under the blankets -- and apologized for having to go. He put on clothes, gathered his stuff and went home. It must have been like 2 a.m. Awwww. I guess if he wants to sleep over again he needs to sleep in my bed, as it's far enough from the piggy cage that he won't be bothered.
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Last night's dream involved me being taken in by some kind of ice skating troup that was known for doing cool exhibitions as well as some avant garde skate shows. There was a lot going on in the dream I don't remember anymore, but I know I was an apprentice and being taught the ropes. I kept thinking I was an odd choice for it since I don't skate overly well, but they had total faith in me. At one point we were out on a rink doing a public show and I was all dressed up, in my right place, and we were doing warm-ups -- when I suddenly noticed I didn't have on any skates! I was either barefoot or wearing socks. I was like, "Why didn't anybody tell me?" and apologized profusely. The director didn't seem concerned by this and when I pestered him about where my skates would be, he was kind of vague. I then went into the ramshackle house where we all lived and was searching for my skates until I was crying. I came back and said they were gone and my fellow skaters said it was OK.

WTF? I wonder if this is somehow symbolic of my writing, how people have faith in me even though I'm not producing anything (no skates). Weird.

I also dreamed something about Storm trying to find Gloucester, Massachusetts, on a map and getting frustrated because she kept mistake Florida and later Long Island and then Cape Cod for Cape Ann. I kept trying to point it out to her and she kept pointing at the completely wrong spots. Again, WTF?

Meanwhile I just sprinkled some catnip on Luckie's food and she is bouncing off the walls.