November 29th, 2005

ice cream


Today was fun. Went shopping in town at Sainbury's, back and forth through the snow. Afterward was on computer reading a manuscript, did some Metro Girl work. For dinner Storm and I ordered Chinese and mine was YUM! Went to the 8 p.m. showing of the new Harry Potter, which ROCKED and I say this as somebody who has nothing to do with HP normally. Very entertaining! For the past few hours, Storm and I have been on our computer chatting, working, etc., and drinking rum and Coke.

FYI, only had a short nap today. Felt much more awake today than "usual."
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I'm hunkered down in the front room at the moment, because it's more comfortable typing on the couch than on the futon. Plus this way I don't have to listen to Storm and Jim's game chatter. They're both heavily into Guild Wars and when they're both at it, they start talking and game talk is just annoying to me. At least if I want to do something like edit. Eventually they will stop though, I guess, as Jim's going to be making dinner. As for me, I plan to finish going though a manuscript and then reading another one from Storm.

Today was fine, thoroughly English. Got up and made myself a plate of oat cakes, which I heated and dotted with butter and smeared with Golden Syrup. Mmmm! Early afternoon the Council "rat man" came over to check on the rodent traps in the kitchen, and then Jim was going out to town so I caught a ride. I went out shopping for a couple of hours. The gods do not want me buying clothes, apparently, as absolutely everything I liked was either not available above Size 14 (US 10) or cost 60-120 L ($100-150 US). The only things I wound up buying was a yummy gingerbread man from a little bakery and a bunch of fun proudcts at Boots. They had the most amazing silver eyeshadow!

Haven't taken many pictures, except a lot of the cats, since I've been here in Stafford like five times and have photographed most of the stuff. Maybe tomorrow I will go on a walk someplace new so I can get a look at more of the town.