December 1st, 2005

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Love this laptop

Having my laptop with me on this trip has been great!

Benefits of having my laptop along, versus not having any computer or, as I have before, using one of Storm & Jim's:

- Well, all my data (email, web sites, pictures, projects) is here
- Can keep on working on anything I have going on
- Keep up with email, including filter spam using SpamKiller
- Web bookmarks and cookies are with me still
- Since there's wireless here, can work anywhere in house I want
- Can listen to streaming audio of WABE in Atlanta while cooking in the kitchen
- IM is set up as me

It's just so great. I've done billable work for clients, did MS editing I needed to do, applied for a web project, and been more productive than I sometimes am at home.

I think this was a good test of the laptop. I now think that come January when I am back in Atlanta versus traveling, I will make a point to get out of the house at least one day a week and work elsewhere, like at coffeeshop, park, hotel lobby, basement of my building, lounge, etc., just so I can be in a diffedrent are more focused environment. I'd also like to get on my computer in a different location, even my kitchen table, and force myself into writing an hour a day.


Made beef stew tonight, which was ace. Also made yummy pear dessert I posted earlier. Mmmmm! Another concoction for tonight was a cocktail I made of Advocaat, Vanilla Bacardi & blackcurrant "squash" (as in, syrupy juice). For snacks I had a plate of crackers with Swiss and two kinds of "pickle," plus a thing of Tesco's delicious "chammpagne rhubarb yogurt."

Around 8:30 Storm and I did a meditation/sketch/ritual in the front room. It was the "Chamber of Gateways" one out of Dehara magic that I did two years ago and so enjoyed. Both of us had really intense experiences, both in the lead-up and in the actual part where we entered the creative portals and "saw stuff." I saw some great material for the Wraeththu novella I want to do. And I now *want* to do it, a.k.a. I think my flame is relit. Storm had a experience that sounds out of her novels, which isn't surprising since lots of scenes out of her novels comes from meditations. Afterward we had a great long chat about magic, relationships, personal history type things, and drank wine.

I didn't know cats could get ingrown toenails, but they can. Pashtarina ("Cow Cat") had one, I discovered, and since Storm has a thing about clipping cat claws (afraid to hurt them), I took care of it. Pashti went squirmy so Storm helped hold her still while I worked, with a rather dull nailclipper, to cut through a very deformed claw. This has happened before and Storm and Jim went to the vet, so I have saved them a bit of money. Did her other front claws while I was at it.
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Itch, itch, itch!

I guess all the cat hair etc. has finally got to me! Woke up today with my eyes all gummy and another half dozen flea bites. Well, I think that's what they are since I have them on my hips, lower back, and now knees, and they itch like crazy. My eyes have been de-gooped but they still feel pretty awful. Might put some of Storm's contact lens rinsing stuff in, just to clear them out. 'Course I love the cats I and loooooooove Yuriel, who has slept with me every night, but still, even without any "allergies" to cats, itch, itch, itch! Also, I feel like there is cat hair in my nose, throat, ears, bellybutton, and on most of my clothes (but not all, since I stashed some away to wear in London).

Edit, 12:30 p.m.: I want to scratch my eyes our. Or drop them in Alka Seltzer. They are so sore. Ugh. Meanwhile Tabitha, one of the two miserable cats, just puked. Lovely!
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My HP Lovematch

Having just seen Goblet of Fire the other day, I can say that yes, I actually know who these two are. Also, they are cute as hell!

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Storm is going to be jealous when she finds out -- she wants them too, LOL.
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Leaving Stafford... Soon

I'm having that so-sad-I-have-to-leave feeling. It comes up about 2 hours before I have to leave somewhere I like, like my parents' house or Storm's house.

I'm taking a train to London that goes out at 5:13. I'll arrive around 6:45 and from there will walk from Euston over to Farrington station, which is near Rob's flat. I could take the Tube but it's only 2-3 stops and involves a transfer at St. Pancras or some other station where 3-4 lines converge. I know it'll be madhouse and there will be stairs I'll have to kill myself to manage, given all my luggage. I'm much better off just walking south to High Holborn and going east a few blocks. There are wide sidewalks and it's all flat, so pretty much same as when I walked from Port Authority to 25th St. in Manhattan at 9 p.m. or whatever I did.

Not sure if I'll be able to access the Internet from Rob's, so if not, bye everybody for a couple of days. I'll be back in Atlanta sometime Saturday afternoon. If I DO get back online before then, I'll post an update on the goings-on. Probably will be having some good meals with Rob, doing shopping, having a shower to rid myself of cat hair and smoke ;)


Made it safe to Rob's flat in London. Must say, it was extremely foolhardy of me to walk from Euston, as my left arm (which pulled the suitcases) seems to have the strength of a wet noodle now, but I did walk here w/o getting lost once! Yay! Now Marta and Rob are making some sort of chicken curry, which I'm sure will be fab. We're going to a pub later, of course.