December 2nd, 2005

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Thursday night, hitting the pub

Well, the pub was lovely! Turns out there's a really fab authentic Victorian pub just around the corner from here. (Here, BTW, being the Clerkenwell district of London. Which, for guidance, is basically north of Saint Paul's / judicial district, and for Tube reference, Farringdon station.) Anyway, fab pub with amazing mosaic tile floor, fireplace, Gothic Revival ceiling, and I had fruit beer, which I loooooooove. Tonight I had cherry beer, as usual with fruit beer, from Belgium. This is the best stuff. I think it's even better than a lot of sweet fruity liqueurs I drink because 1) it's not so sweet, 2) you get an actual thirst-slaking portion, and 3) it's not quite so "hard." Good fruity stuff, yum yum :)

Tomorrow Rob has promised to wake me up by 9 so I get get fed and dressed for a day out. Rob's actually arranged for a day off so we'll be out together. The only "destination" I have in mind is the Transit Museum, which I went to quite some years ago and would love to revisit. We both will do some shopping as well. I don't think I will buy much since I don't have much more room in my luggage to carry things, but knowing me I won't be able to escape shopping without getting something.

Oh, well. That beer, plus the whole lugging-heavy-luggage-2-miles-cross-London thing, has made me pretty drowsy, so I think I will drop off to bed now.

Nighty, night!
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Al in the Family

From AlterNet:

Al Sharpton Possibily To Star In CBS Sitcom "Al In The Family"...
Posted on December 2, 2005 at 9:10 AM.

CBS is looking at a new project from Paramount Network Television that would feature the Reverend Al Sharpton in his own sitcom. That's right, a sitcom. According to Variety, it's called Al in the Family and will be written by Peter Ackerman with Jamie Widdoes set to direct and exec produce.

Funnily enough, I was just commenting the other day how what the world needs is a new, updated version of "All in the Family." I was thinking of it as featuring a Bushite and his wacky, liberal family... not Al Sharpton!
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London for a day

Enjoyed a fab, if rather random, day in London with Rob.

After breakfast and various preparations, set off around 10:30. Our intent was to go to the London Transport Museum, but when we arrived at Covent Garden we discovered it was closed, undergoing renovations through 2007 :( Luckily the fabulous gift shop has been relocated to a spot nearby, so I could get the lovely Underground and other transit related mememtoes I was looking for.

After that we were a bit discombulated (What to do NOW?) but we wound up snagging a yum Japanese lunch in SoHo, went shopping at a couple of big bookshops (where I got a couple of hilarious books), and topped it off with a visit to the British Museum. We stuck to the top floor, with its collection of mostly British and Northern European stuff (as opposed to the other floors, which I refer to as the Halls of Loot). Got to see "Bog Man" again as well as many large hordes of gold, silver, etc. I think I want a golden torque now! (Yeah, in my next life, as a billionairre.)

Getting out, we ran into crap weather and as a result, struggled a few blocks 'til we found a cozy Starbucks (shaddup!) and warmed up. Much better! Stopped at a Sainbury's AND a Tesco on the way back to Clerkenwell. Right now we're (including Marta) relaxing at the flat, watching the Channel 4 news, munching, and planning on going out to dinner around 8, probably also a pub later.

Leaving tomorrow out of Gatwick, will be back in Atlanta, mid-afternoon EST. Expect me to be off my head and/or ill for a few days afternoon. I expect it!
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Food & Drink in London

Here I am I again back at the flat, after a very nice last night in England. I must say, Rob and Marta have some very nice establishments in their neighorhood -- you can practically fall in to several very good pubs, at least one great restaurant (tonight's dinner) and there's a Tesco and a lot of very nice Bauhaus style buildings. Wheeee!

Anyway, we went out to this FAB restaurant called Epicurian Pizza Lounge. It is quite posh in design, modern in a way Caleb would love, with menus done like those Pantone color swatch packets, so at first I thought it would be all style but crap, expensive food. I was wrong! This place specializes in gourmet pizzas with combos I hadn't seen before, like ones with a base sauce of pumpkin. Very GOOD pizza. They all had catchhy names; I had the "Socrates," Rob had the "Julius Caesar," and Marta had the "Ploughman." I really loved my pizza and demanded the waitress give me a card/menu so I could save the info for future use and recs. We were extra nice to the waitress, complimenting the food a lot, so at the end we got free shots that were I think Bailey's & mint, so sort of like After Eight in liquid form. That rocked!

After that we went to one of their fav pubs, the Dovetail, which I've been to several times before. It's a Belgian place with a HUGE selection of Belgian specialty beers. (Belgian produces more speciality beers than any other country, says the menu anyway.) They have a lot of wonderful fruit beers to choose from. I had a "Cassis" beer, so a black currant beer, believe it or not. I think fruit beer may now qualify as my favorite form of alcohol. I love it b/c it doesn't taste like beer, isn't too strong, and is very refreshing. I am going to see if any places in Atlanta carry it. I will check Mac's and then Green's. Anyway, we were all very happy having beer in there, though Marta got very sleepy from her beer and Rob was forced to drink up so we could go home.

Right now I have to pack up my stuff so it will be all taken care of in the morning. The station with a Gatwick Express stop is only a few blocks off and trains leave every 15 minutes, so I will leave around 9ish to get to the airport by 10. I'm glad I had such a relaxing, fun last night here, so I can leave highly satisfied :)