December 4th, 2005


Kitty love

Luckie is so happy I'm back. I went off to dinner at Caleb's and as soon as I got back she was all over me again. Any time I go to any room, she comes running and meowing at me. She's currently trying to launch an attack on the mouse cursor. Standing on my laptop, she keeps turning around to head-butt me and otherwise cuddle. Awwww. She keeps running to the bed and standing there meowing, like, "Attention! Attention! I want MORE attention!" Not that Caleb didn't give her a lot of playtime and lovin' but she knows who will be here all the time from now on... at least until I go away again in a week and a half! Poor kitty. She will get spoiled this week.
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Fav English Foods

I did this list while I was on the plane:

Golden Syrup
clotted cream
Tesco brand yogurt (esp. rhubarb)
elderflower cordial
Green & Black chocolate
Worcestershire sauce
roast beef
fish & chips
horseradish mustard
tea sandwiches (esp. cress & cream cheese, anything cream cheese)
butter cookies
Walkers Marmite crisps
black pepper Kettle crisps

I'm sure it's missing a bunch of stuff. Also, I love tea gardens, esp. the ones at National Trust properties. There was also one in Royal Tunbridge-Wells that featured women sporting about 10 different shades of blue-gray hair. I think I was at least 10 U.S. administrations younger than the average age of that lot.
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(no subject)

Wouldn't you know I can't sleep?! It's almost midnight HERE and it's 5 a.m. on my supposed sleepclock, but I'm hyped up beyond belief. I tried going to bed but after 1/2 hr. I was just tossing and turning, thoughts racing, feet freezing. I'm trying to watch TV and get sleepy. Will try bed again soon.
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I'm easily confused

So the phone rings and I grab my "flip" alarm clock and try to answer it. This was a few minutes ago.

Then there was the time a while back when I tried stapling some papers using my cordless phone.
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A new game!

While I was away and he was in charge of petsitting, coming over here every day, Caleb decided to set up what he thinks of a fun, interactive toy for me: displacing objects around my house.

I don't mean that he used some of my stuff and now I can't find it -- I mean he went around and moved dozens of things, putting them in strange places, so that over the next few days (weeks even!) I can discover them.

Some of things I've discovered so far:

- pill bottles stacked into a pillar
- shampoo bottle in a hanging candle lamp
- underwear on the shade of my bedroom floorlamp
- candlesticks upside down
- candle in the freezer
- random postcards stuck inside books

And my two favorites:

- dildo sticking out of a tissue box
- pair of jeans in the dishwasher

There are a few more I've found but can't remember. Caleb says he did about 50 so I guess there are some more I haven't found yet. This morning he said there were some of my office but they haven't hit me yet. I'm sure some day soon I'll open a drawer or look at the wall and notice something is totally wrong.

BTW, don't get me wrong, I think this whole thing is hilarious. It's kind of an "in joke" between us, as he's done it before. The first time it happened, I came home one day and noticed all these things were upside down in the bathroom -- soap dish, hand soap, medicine bottles, candles, etc. -- and thought a ghost did it. But it was Caleb. For a while it was just things upside down but now I guess it's an art form. He said this morning it was all along a theme of "juxtaposition." So I guess there is a way to combine petsitting and performance art.

And the reason he does it? I believe it's to a) amuse me and b) make me think of him. He's certainly achieved this.

EDIT: Tonight I found 2 nuts Caleb had put over my Green Man statue's eyes. Then found 3 more under the seat cushion. (Caleb will laugh b/c I didn't feel them through the cushion.)
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