December 7th, 2005


Krazy Katt

Luckie is irritated that I've closed her off in the bedroom/office section of the house, but she just caused some fuss with the birds. Silly cat didn't MEAN it this time, i.e. no knocking over the birdcage, but, creatively, tipped over on of my decorated bottles, which tipped over the piggy cage cover, which crashed and scared the birds so that they managed to fly out the little gap in the bottom of the cage. Since the birds were out of the cage, Luckie had to come in here. Hopefully she'll settled down in one of the closets and fall asleep because I hate when she stalks around the office glaring at me, even if it's cute.

Um, of course she just jumped on my lap. And then leapt to on top of the scanner. She looks content.

On a related note, I'm starting to see how Luckie's going to look as a grown-up, as she's losing the kitten thing and becoming a little cat. She is one beautiful cat. She reminds me most of those really angular Siamese cats you sometimes see, with the pointy faces and svelte bodies. I don't think she's ever going to be one of those fat cats like Stomr's lovable Pashtarina -- just not how she's made. She's very light on her feet and super gentle in all respects. Even if she grows size-wise, I don't think that will change.
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I had to write Macromedia Support today and ask a simple question. I got an answer but at the top was something that made my brain hurt:

Thank you for contacting Customer service at Macromedia, now part of Adobe Systems.

I heard about this but it just sunk in.

Good ol' Luckie

I find it interesting how Luckie will only sleep under the covers if I'm there with her. Actually I think it's pretty smart, since if if she's there alone: 1) she doesn't have my body heat, 2) she doesn't know what I'm doing, which she has to know, and 3) I or somebody else might sit on her not knowing she's there, since she barely makes a lump. As soon as I get up, she emerges. Often so she can go sleep with the guinea pigs. I guess she really likes being around another mammals?

Luckie is really mellow. I mean, she has her high spirit moments and loves playing, chasing, jumping around, spazzing out at midnight, but she doesn't normally show off the evil bitch* qualities some female cats have -- like suddenly scratching for no reason, resisting being brushes, and being generally obnoxious. I clip her nails once a week and all I do is go up to her when she's lying on the bed and do her nails. No big deal. She doens't care at all. I also carry her around upside down and she thinks that's cool, the world is upside-down.

I called a new vet the other day, to set up a spay appointment. Turns out she has to have a regular "well cat" exam before she can get operated on, but I guess that's for the best. I'm curious if she's gained much weight since last time. I don't think she probably has... probably at 7 lbs. Her growth is slowing down. People tell me cats grow up until they're around one and she's about six months. Initially I thought she was going to get really big, since she's part Savannah I think, but now I think maybe she will be quite small and sleek. Whatever, I love her.

* Yes, Daniel, I know you disagree.
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XMas List

I am putting this out there since there are people who want to know and also I need to make the list anyway, to give to my family (which is why I've kept the list to inexpensive stuff).

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Ganked from <lj user="almostnever>

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that's your "Year In Review."

  • Yes, I'm still alive.
  • Much I'm sure to everybody's total disgust, I've made up with Caleb.
  • Not surprisingly, I feel awful at the moment.
  • Today I was pretty much busy with the whole niece visiting thing.
  • Well, there's little doubt that Art Deco is one of my favorite styles -- for art, furniture, architecture, and anything else that involves the visual.
  • For most people, mosquitos are just annoying; they get a few irritating bites but they go away in a couple of hours so who cares?
  • No, really, I'm BACK, as in, at home in Atlanta.
  • Embarrassing memory from sixth grade:
  • I know LJ is just full of happy news right now, but...
  • I still have more Vermont pictures.
  • A few days later than planned, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is today running that story on savings featuring yours truly, with a very nice picture! :)
  • Having my laptop with me on this trip has been great!

For the record, my calendar shows my record for posts/day is 12, which I achieved several times. And there were only 15 days when I didn't post, all of which occured during trips, I think.
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Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam

I've been using the new version of McAfee SpamKiller (which rocks, BTW) and one neat feature it has is some basic statistics. In the past month, since getting the latest version of the software, I've received about 15,000 emails. Yes, that's right! Unfortunatley 58% of them were spam. Fortunately, that's why I have SpamKiller -- it takes care of this crap for me. The program has blocked over 330 spam messages from my box today.

On a related note...

Depite the power of SK, I am thinking about trashing my wendy [at] address, because 90% of the spam I'm getting comes to that address. I receive business emails through it, but normally only from new clients, as I soon start using my regular Abraxis account to write them. Only a few clients ever really write me at that address and I don't think I have anything really registered in that.

I'm thinking about setting a "phase out" date and meanwhile emailing all my present clients about the upcoming change. Any new non-spam mails will get a note saying to write my other address. Then on some date, I'll delete the account and redo my biz cards, which I need to reorder anyway.

I will probably start up some other account, like wdarling [at], but I sure as heck will be more careful about putting it where spam-makers can get it, like in the CGI mail script. (I know how to HIDE that now!)

Just when you have an account that gets around 500 msgs a day and they are all CRAP, then a change is needed!