December 11th, 2005

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Guten Morgen!

Hi again. We`re up and Martina is taking a shower before we all have breakfast. Caleb is checking his email using his phone I think.

After we arrived yesterday, we had a good day, taking things slow but still having fun. A couple hours after we arrived, Martina`s neighbor had us all over for a mid-afternoon meal of weisswurst, pretzels, a kind of cabbage salad, and more. I looooved it. After that Caleb and I knocked off for a couple of hours. Then we all went shopping around the corner at various grocery stores, to gather food for breakfast, dinner and other purposes. At home Martina made the BEST soup -- pumpkin and potato cream soup. OMG! We had it with bread and wine. Next we watched a movie, which Caleb picked. Van Helsing was reallllly fun. I don´t quite get the crappy reviews it got... obviously those people have no sense of humor or camp. Everything was wrong, but it was on purpose wrong. It reminded me of the `Beastmaster` TV show meets the `IWTV` movie, better than either (I don`t like the IWTV movie). Then we were all so tired we conked out on the futons for the night.

Now it`s soon breakfast-time!
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Back at the flat, after an afternoon at the Christmas markets. First we went to a small one, actually a pink (gay) one, then a GIANT, GIANT one. The giant one was actually too much in a way, as the further we got in, the more we felt like were were part of a huge herd of sheep. Caleb started to feel an anxiety attack coming on and it was too crowded to even look at the stuff anymore. I did get a nice knit cap for my niece and Martina got some things, plus we all got hot drinks... mmmmmmmmm!

Tea time coming up, then I think we are going to the Christmas market around the corner, as it has some nice things and is just a neighborhood one, not a giant mega festival.

For Caleb and I tomorrow will be a big shopping day in the central part of town, like Marienplatz, while Martina goes to work.