December 16th, 2005

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Where Are You?

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

P.S. Some of the locations show up realllly funny (like what degruy doing in Valdosta?) but hey, I still like it.
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Germany Pictures

My mom called last night and the first thing she said was, "I love that picture!" Maybe I should get it printed and framed for her and Dad. I got a print done at CVS for her and Dad. My glasses are on crooked and I look kind of skeptical, but I think I probably look like that ;)

Rest of pics here, here and here.
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Kids and Movies

This NY Times article on movies, kids and ratings, plus some other recent media coverage of movie ratings, has got me thinking about what movies I was allowed -- or not allowed -- to see as a kid.

For movies I was allowed to see, I know I was taken to Raiders of the Lost Ark TWICE in the theater, back when it first came out. I was in first grade and totally *loved* it, despite (because of?) the scary factor and especially that spectacular "melting faces" scene at the end. Way better than E.T., I thought!

The only movie I remember my parents specifically NOT letting me go with them to see is Alien. My brother Tom, who's seven years older than me, went and then told me the gory details about John Hurt's chest exploding -- ew! Although I did see the sequels later on, I never saw the actual movie until this year. I don't think I'd be any different now than if I had scene it though, since I saw a lot of other stuff.

Re "other stuff," I always watched a lot of movies on TV. One local station, Ch. 38, used to have this thing "The Movie Loft" every night, so from 8-10 or 8-11 there was always a movie, and usually a good one, often a classic one. I saw all kinds of "adult" movies on that and nobody really thought much of it. The only movie my family seemed even the least bit concerned about was Cabaret; they made me leave during the scene when Sally and that guy are screaming while the train goes by... but they let me watch all the other stuff, like the whole bisexuality thing and the cabaret girly show! This was when I was like 8.

There are only a couple of movies I saw as a kid that really freaked me out. One was Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, which I saw when I was 8 or 9 on the local station one afternoon. The whole abuse thing got to me. Another movie that reallllly scared me was a TV movie from like 1980 called Don't Go to Sleep. I started watching it at my Oma's apartment and Mom said not to watch it, but as soon as she left, Oma let me watch it. So scary! Girl kills her sister by accident and sister's spirit comes back and orchestrates the "accicental" killing of the entire family. Eeek!

I do think kids' reactions to movie vary widely. My sister Nancy's kids have a thing about movies where animals get hurt, like a knight's horse falls down. Some kids can't stand any kind of violence or get very weirded out by insanity. I never really got freaked out by stuff because like a book, I knew it was make-believe.

The movies that have scared me the most as an adult? Scream, Frailty, the Alien series, Jurassic Park, Motel Hell, to name a few.
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Weird Habits

Didn't get tagged for this, but I saw it and liked it:

5 Weird Habits

1. Always count the first 10 and last 10 lines on the pages of any book I'm reading.
2. Eat pears whole.
3. Thin out my eyebrows using scotch tape.
4. Like to do things starting on half-hour marks, so 4, 4:30, 5, etc.
5. Always dry myself off in the same exact order.

Pet stuff

Luckie spent most of today in the piggies' cage and is only *now* realizing her paws are dirty. He he...

Seriously, kitty was there practically all day, sitting in the corner of the cage, chillin' out. I think the combination of it being warm, soft and complete with fellow furry creatures makes it very appealing to her. Heck, I'd put a little bowl of cat food in there with her if I didn't think YinYang would eat it!

Meanwhile I just went shopping for me and the pets. Overall I spent more on the pets, since I had to get piggy litter, a big thing of hay, plus vegetables, and treats. Plus I stocked up on the wonderful sifting cat litter liners I got last month. They're awesome! Now I'm going to go clean out the pigs' cage and give them a ton of hay, which will throw them into a fit of glee, as they've been out since Tuesday.