December 18th, 2005

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Help Wikipedia

Wikimedia (the umbrella that includes Wikipedia) is currently running a fund drive. So if you'd like to make a unique donation, towards the amassment and sharing of knowledge, consider giving. They make it easy, with PayPal, and just like with public TV or radio, even a little bit helps!

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Pets on eBay

On eBay's forum, there's a thread about how they're considering listing LIVE ANIMALS. Now I don't know about YOU, but this strikes me as a really bad idea, plus a policy that would seem to violate eBay's previous policies on not listing, say, children, people, or bodily organs. Leaving animals' fate in the hands of the hordes of eBay seems sick. I do think it's OK for non-profit shelters to list (similar to Petfinder), but just anybody? Seems like it's opening the doors to puppy-millers, piggy-millers, people selling animals as bait for dog fighting, etc.
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The gift of music

I'm such a good aunt.

I just burned my 18-year-old nephew Ian CDs of: David Bowie, Corvus Corax, The Smiths, and Queen. He wanted Irish folk, Queen or "energetic rock," whatever that means. I think he will like The Smiths. EDIT: Also copying Sinead O'Connors Sean Nos Nua album, since that IS Irish folk.

My niece Ashley, same age as Ian, is getting Dead Can Dance and Qntal, because I know she'd be into both, though she probably hasn't heard either.

Ian's little brother Sean, who plays violin, is getting Paganini and Schubert.

Mom's Agenda

I posted my mom's family email from last year and everybody got a hoot out of it, so here I (well, Mom) goes again!


This is what I think everyones plan is.

_Wendy arrives.
Nancy & family leave Ohio and probably arrive

Wendy, Nancy, Betty, Tom here for turkey dinner around 1 pm
5 pm church service (large crowd, need to arrive early)
Leftovers, open presents
Nancy & family to stay at Burns for night
Wendy & Tom stay here
Betty returns home
_Nancy probably at Burns
Wendy stays here
Tom may return home
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
_Wendy Carolyn here
Nancy ? sleeps at Burns

Wendy leaves
Carolyn brings Wendy to train
Mom gets surgery

Everyone is gone

Let me know if this is what is happening?


Oh, and BTW, the "Mom gets surgery" line is in reference to here having some cancerous cells removed from her nose :(
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Christmas with the boys

So tonight the boys and I had the annual "Christmas Eve." It's never actually on Christmas Eve, since Caleb and I are always up North for that, but it's a pre-Christmas affair with warm drinks, cookies and presents.

Caleb sets up the big fake tree his grandma sent him years ago, complete with super tacky plastic ornaments I bought for it, and underneath were all the presents, plus all Caleb's stuffed animals, which only come out for the month of December. Caleb and I had salmon for dinner and Daniel brought "Christmas Pasta" with red sauce and white asparagus. Then Caleb made lovely flavored coffee drinks and warm cinnamon rolls from IKEA, along with two other kinds of cookies.

Next was presents under the tree. Everybody got really nice stuff this year. My favorite two gifts are:

1. German Polizei toy speed trap set. I saw this at one of the dept. stores and was squealing, it was so hysterical, and then Caleb later managed to sneak past me and by it when I wasn't looking! What you get is a German Polizei (police) van, a Porsche, a speed gun, and two German Polizei officers, one writing a ticket, one halting the vehicle. If I had a fake Autobahn I could set it up. I already have another Polizei car so I guess I can now do a big speeding bust!

2. Pretty silver Victorian-style metal business card case from Daniel. I've wanted one of these for a while to add an extra bit of elegance for when people ask for my card. I now can whip out this case, which I may have engraved with "WCD" so it's clear whose it is ;)

Daniel seems to have liked the little alapaca teddy bear I got him and the two sweaters Caleb got him for H&M's in Germany. I got Caleb a beautiful engraving at Dragon*Con which he finally got, so now he has to frame it and figure out where it'll go. I also got him a big bottle of scented bath salts for those stressful days.
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1. Caleb and I both took that "What Tarot card am I?" thing and we are both The Devil, although we have different avataras. LOL. That so figures.

2. Went to fish one of Luckie's toys out from under the piano and found five more "lost" toys.

3. I have a Wham! Christmas song stuck in my head. Damn Caleb for mentioning it earlier.

4. While we were unwrapping presents, Caleb had an old Village People tape going. Er, not that we're gay or anything.

5. Caleb tells me IKEA's food shop has a huge display of salted black licorce. I have to go check it out! (He gave me a bag for Xmas.)
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10 Cat Updates

There's always news re the cat, as she grows and comes up with new stuff to surprise/amuse me with.

1. She wakes me up at 8 now, signalling she wants to get in bed with me. Then at 8:30 (on the dot) she meows in my face, because it is TIME to get up.

2. She loves that stuffed guinea pig. dadi says it's OK and she knows it's not real, like Abbie or YinYang, so I let her wrestle with it. She rolls all over the floor with it, pins it with her hind legs, bites the neck and eyes, throws it around... Not that she has any aggression or anything.

3. Tonight when I got home she was crying on the other side of the door. I opened the door and she burst into the hall, where she spent 20 minutes sniffing around and scratching the carpet. No idea why she was depserate to get out there.

4. She's getting bigger, nearly "cat size," although still a small cat size. She's five months now and I've heard they grow for a year but I still think she's just not going to be very big. Fine with me, either way.

5. Put the harness on her today to see if it fit, which it didn't when I first got it. It fits now, but Luckie hates it. I put it on her and she was writhing all over the living room trying to get it off. I'm sure she'd get used to it but tonight I didn't need to really use it, so I took it off again.

6. Luckie continues to spring onto my shoulder out of NOWHERE while I'm here at the computer. She then tries jumping on the desk but settles for my lap. I have to keep her from swatting the mouse pointer on the monitor and hold her down whenever I use the printer, as she'll try to attack the paper.

7. She's getting spayed next month.

8. She likes being held like a baby in my arms, tummy up.

9. When I'm lying in bed, I can see the bird cage on the kitchen table. If I see Luckie on the table too, all I have to do is say "Hey, Luckie!" and she scats immediately. So I can lazily discipline.

10. She has the cutest high-pitched meow. It's like she knows how to leverage that cuteness. Not "MEOW" but "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmewwwwwww!"
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Last post of the day

So do you think if somebody compiled a book of all Dubya's lies, distortions and completely disingenuous statements, it would be as thick as an almanac? Or would it be an encylopedia set?